POSTAL Brain Damaged – Ultimate Weapon Guide

This guide is a explanation of weapons and features. Kind of a beginners guide. Hope this helps.

Definitive Guide to Weapons

The Shovel

The shovel is like a mix of a shovel and a chainsaw. You can swing the weapon by just left clicking, when holding down the left click, Dude holds it forward like a saw. Right click makes a dodge move that can block many projectiles.

Dodging multiple bullets:

“You load 16 tons,what do you get ?”

Not-So-Smart Pistol MK69420

A pistol that is effective on long range, secondary fire opens the little scanner on the gun, finding weak point of the enemies that you are looking at the moment, although the secondary fire is a shorter range compared to single fire, and the scanner can fire only 3 bullet at once.

“Is this gun smarter than me?”

Super Hooker Shotgun

A simple double barrel shotgun with a hook attached to it.

Shoots 2 shells at once,capable of hooking up to enemies. Hooking will make you move closer to the enemies,not pull enemies into you.

Hooking on an enemy:

“Get over here!”


A machine gun that shot nails, second fire will throw a time bombs that stops the time for whoever goes into it (Dude is immune to this time hole). The time bombs also stops rockets,nails,all kind of bullets for a limited time, when the time bomb is goes off, it disappears, when this happens the projectiles that you put/fire in the time hole will start moving again.

Time bomb:

“Time to polish them nails”

Holier-Than-Thou Launcher

A rocket launcher that can launch grenades too. When the grenades explodes it plays a “hallelujah” sound.


“Praise the lord and pass the grenades”

Brain Fu*ker Gun 69000

A pretty powerful laser gun,secondary fire launches a floating brain that affects any enemy standing near it.

Floating brain electrocuting enemies:

“And now electric boogie”

Gun Goes Brr

A gatling gun with high rate if fire, the secondary fire will fire a tracker device that bullets will only land on that tracker device (basically aimbot) to cancel tracker mid-way simply just click secondary fire again, it will remove tracker device from the surface.

Tracker in position



Penetrator is a long range bow, it shoots big and colorful dildos, moans on full charge (thankfully you can close this from settings) and secondary fire makes you look through the scope.

Penetrator zoom scope:

“I shoot d*cks for a living”

P*ssy Blower

A weapon that fires cats. Cats can stick to surfaces and enemies, secondary fire will suck them up to the vacuum again, causing to tear from the surface that cat is on, dealing extra damage and gaining ammo back.

Getting cats back into vacuum:

“Now I have a ton of pu*sy”

Dude’s Kick

The good old kick, can damage enemies, open doors, reflect projectiles.


Infinite gold shower from Dude’s device.

Different drinks have different purposes such as:

Hot Sauce: Burns enemies to death.

Burns flammable objects.

Liquid Nitrogen: Frozes enemies for a limited time.

Suspicious Moonshine: Confuses enemy and causes them to attack their own friends.

Quick Pills

Creates a time slowing effect when used (enemy slow down but Dude appear to be still same speed)


Increases melee (the shovel and kick) damage.


Double the fun! Your guns become akimbo when used (except for shovel).

Note: You can’t use any secondary fire feature on weapons when akimbo power up is active.

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