Project Zomboid – Food Tips

Tips to Use Foods

Eating raw food and ingredients makes you depressed and bored. Cooked meals cure boredom and depression + gives nutrient bonus. Spices and condiments further increase the buffs you get. Most meals can take 6 ingredients + condiments. A good way to keep your weight up is meals with 3 meat/fish, 3 vegetable and a stick of butter and eat half a dish 3 times a day. You can cook these meals in bulk and store them in the fridge so you don’t have to cook that often

Get a frying pan to make stir fries and omelettes, fill a cooking pot with water to make stew, soup, pasta/rice dish… You can use raw meat/veggies or opened cans in these

Get a bowl to make raw vegetable salads, you can also put pre-cooked meat in these.

Make bread and slice it to make hamburgers and so on.. Full list of recipes is in the crafting menu under cooking.

Some fresh ingredients can’t be found after the power goes down (they’ll go bad unrefrigerated, but you can stock up on them before the power goes out and keep them fresh in a freezer powered by a generator), for some there are alternatives. An opened can of condensed milk is a substitute for milk, eggs can be foraged once you reach a certain foraging level,..

And a small tip to get rid of litter and trash: any garbage can or dumpster in the game has a small ‘delete all’ button at the top of their inventory screen. This deletes all objects inside.

  • Some food will have better stats if you heat it instead of eating out of fridge.
  • Eating moat food frozen will make you unhappy, and you can’t cook most frozen foods, so plan ahead and move food you will eat soon out of freezer.

Base building tip

Have a whole bunch of fire extinguisers laying around and know how to use them. Put in in/near your bed as well so you can extinguish yourself if your bed happens to catche fire while you sleep.

Just do it.

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