Quasimorph: End of Dream – Useful Tips

Gameplay Tips

Right clicking in the general direction causes your player to look in that direction

Right clicking a door gives you the option to block it which forces the monsters to attack it to get to you, leaving you enough time to reload your weapons. This let me reload my shotgun that needed 4 turns, 4 turns I could not afford if I did not block the door.

Right click enemies to view status on them, it helped me viewed an enemy had a fracture and bled to death after waiting him out. This helped me live, as going in the room would leave me vulnerable to getting shot.

Space bar “skips” your turn, I’ve been walking back and forth to do so but that burns calories

Switching to full-auto helps so much, especially with the shotgun and a full-auto blast would help push the bigger monsters back.

It’s a great idea to extract after getting an upgrade chip. Upgrade chips unlock new items to bring in the mission, such as the liberator heavy caliber pistol. It unlocked that one pistol that uses rifle rounds and an unlimited supply of those rounds to go with it. It also takes up a place in your inventory, and that’s not a good idea when going for a mission completion.

Dying is ok. Even if you lose your super dude, keep on going. The first time I took down the boss was with a fresh clone.

Most guns have both single shot and rapid fire, this can be key to preserving ammo. Most of the skinned/prisoner/spider ect can be taken out with a single shot, even with a weak smg.

Do not pick up everything you find, you’ll just ruin your dodge chance. Items don’t despawn so just leave them on the floor or put the mats in a container near the crafting table. Keep a 3 stack of tin cans.

The demons that appear after a kill or from an enemy take a turn or two to become real (can’t be shot), so use that time to reload or put some space between you and them.

Rotate your view by right clicking in the direction you want to look. You can only see enemies you are facing and it does not take an action, so do it often.

Consider evacuating after getting a crafting chip or new merc data. You don’t have to complete the whole mission and in fact, this is the best way to get new gear and level up you skills. Play the map a few times!

Before a mission you can unload any weapon you have plans for to get as much ammo you need (another reason to evac after getting new plans).

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