Ready or Not – Coop Guide

Simple guide for you to last longer in co-op without viagra.

Guide to Coop


I’m nobody just someone trying to summarize my lessons after 110hr+ in RoN with randoms.

I want my teammates to last longer in co-op so that I can last longer too.

Things That Will Keep You Alive


  1. Most important of all, stick with your team. Nothing kills you faster than wandering off alone.
  2. Always watch out for traps. Trust nobody. People make mistakes.
  3. Clear the map methodically that way you can slowly narrow down the threats.
  4. Watch your team’s back. It will save your life many many times.
  5. Let the shield guy take the lead and take advantage of it. He’s there to keep you safe.
  6. Protect the shield guy. His vision is limited and he is slow. Charging suspects can kill him easily.
  7. Suppressors reduce muzzle flash particularly useful if using NVG.
  8. In some areas flashlight is better and sometimes NVG is better, some areas you need both flashlight plus NVG to have enough vision. I bring both.

Making Entry

  1. Peek / mirror doors for traps.
  2. Open the door when your team is ready and let them clear cos they act quicker than you do.
  3. If someone blocks the door when you try to open it, kick the door to stun him / her.
  4. Do not stack too close with your buddies. Traps and charging suspects will kill you both / all.
  5. You can try to pie the corners before making entry.
  6. Watch whether the door knob is on the left or right. It will determine how you make entry.
  7. Do not commit entry if you are not ready or sure.
  8. C2 should be reserved for narrow corridors and rooms with tricky layouts.
  9. If C2 is used, stay at least 3 metres away from the door. C2 won’t kill you but the trap will.
  10. If you wanna use breaching shotgun, do not stand near or in front of the door.
  11. If someone uses breaching shotgun, do not stand near or in front of the door.
  12. If in doubt, throw a flashbang or stun grenade.
  13. Ram opens doors better than breaching shotgun but you have to be close and it’s risky.
  14. Quickly fall back and quit entry if you believe you can’t survive the process.
  15. Don’t recklessly shoot through walls and doors the penetration is inconsistent in this game right now and the AI may move. If you fail to drop the suspects it will only turn on their nut mode.
  16. Throw a bang through the gap after peek if you want but it’s tricky and not always possible.
  17. Do not kick doors for no good reason.
  18. If you have to disengage, get away and stay at least 2 metres away from the door. Don’t just stand near the door the penetration will get you or the suspect may charge and overwhelm you completely.

Clearing Rooms / Areas

  1. Do not assume. People can stay in very strange and unlikely places. Be thorough.
  2. Watch the closed doors while you are sweeping they can be opened any minute.
  3. If you fail to kill / arrest the suspects in your first encounter, the AI nut mode is likely turned on by now and you will have to be very careful.
  4. Only start arresting people after you are sure the room is cleared.
  5. Pie the corners as you sweep. It saves your life.
  6. Limit your exposure as you sweep. Don’t stand in open areas with multiple angles on you.
  7. When you are backtracking for last suspect / civilian, be methodical and don’t forget to check your spawn. Many times I found them there with their guns.
  8. If there are too many angles you have to cover at the same time, consider closing some doors it will block the LOS of any potential suspects.
  9. If you leave the surrendered suspect hanging where he is and you go on to clear other rooms, you may soon find him charging your ass with a TEC-9 like I witnessed first hand several times. Sometimes you have no choice cos there are more imminent threats you need to deal with at the moment but never assume that guy is still where he used to be like a good boy.

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