Ready or Not – Unlock The Call Of Duty Easter Egg

This guide has had multiple testers and confirmation from void interactive staff and has taken a long time to prepare, enjoy.

CoD Easter Egg Walkthrough

Hello this has been confirmed by staff over the supporter discord however does need to be using the “everything unlocked” mod as it is hidden in the game files, if you mess up any steps in this guide you will have to restart or it will not work.

First step is to get an S on fast food if you already have this go to step 2.

Now go to the shooting range with any weapon, pistols are most accurate specifically i like the usp 45, go to this specific board in the killhouse and shoot it in the head A box, if you miss you will need to restart the game.

Step 3 leave the killhouse without shooting anything else and go parallel the non lethal training to the box, itll now have a glow tinge and a weapon floating above it, this is an old fun easter egg from call of duty that never made it to final build, one of the most interesting things is it uses the old alpha text from before the 2019 alpha and actually in the 2018 trailer game play builds, press f and head over to the weapon stand by the range, note if it does not appear something has gone wrong and you will need to restart and try again.

Finally when at the weapon stand equip the new ray gun option, remember other weapons will be here due to the everything unlocked mod.

Now as your secondary you should be able to use this functioning weapon which is a blast to use.

The arm is not coded correctly so if you increase your fov too high the hand will appear to be floating, thank you for reading, it would mean the world to me if you could favourite this so the community can find out about this, This took a lot of work and confirming with void employees so sharing also is appreciated, if it doesn’t work feel free to leave a comment and il help you out.

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