Resident Evil 4 – How to Remove Annoying Blue Tint

If you, like me, are annoyed by this inappropriate blue tint in game, heres my guide for you.

Guide to Remove Annoying Blue Tint

Simple Guide

  • Download Fluffy Mod Manager.
  • Extract the mod manager anywhere (if you’re upgrading from an old version, simply extract it over the older version).
  • Download Tint Remover here.
  • Run the mod manager once and choose Resident Evil 4 as game.
  • You can drag’n’drop mods in RAR, 7Zip, or ZIP format onto the mod manager window while it’s running to copy them to the mod manager OR manually copy mods to [modmanagerFolder]\Games\RE4_Demo\Mods.
  • Click on mods in the mod list to install them. Or click again to uninstall.

Start the game.

If you wanna comparison ON\OFF tint in the game to next:

  • Do all the previous guide.
  • Download ReFramework here.
  • Extract dinput8.dll from the zip file into your RE4 game install folder.
  • Start the game.
  • On your left you can see the ReFramework menu, it can be toggled with the “Insert” key. The key can be changed under “Configuration”.
  • In menu you can see the paragraph Script generated UI and sub-paragraph FX settings. To enable tint click on “Color correction Enable”. Thats it.

If you want console-like effect just lather your eyes enable Radial Blur Enable.

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