Resident Evil 4 – Tips to Beat S+ on Professional / Hardcore Mode

S+ Professional / Hardcore Mode Tips

  1. The onslaught in village ends after you kill 15 ganados or after 4 minutes. On Hardcore you need to use granades when they are close to each other and shotgun when they are close to you. Try to ignore chainsaw guy.
  2. Do not pick any fights you can avoid. Just pick items which you need while avoiding and parrying and run away.
  3. Ashley armor helps a lot
  4. Do every single merchant quest in village section to gather 30 spinels.
  5. You can skip Mendez fight. It is a little tricky, but saves a lot of time and resources. Check youtube how to do it.
  6. Kill the guy who is standing on hill when you go back to village with key to chapel. This guy will bring dogs if he will survive.
  7. Pick treasures only on your way.
  8. Flash granades are your best friends. They are a must during Gigante fight to do it fast.
  9. You can clear the village before going to kill a big dog for quest, if you have some time.
  10. Do not load or click continue! Exit the game and load a game from main menu. Otherwise you will lose few seconds, which might be important.
  11. During the siege play defensive and kill cow guy as fast as you can. Use everything you have on him. When he dies the siege is over.
  12. You can actually parry grabs, but those need to be perfect parries. You will cut grabers hand

After you buy CT with infinite ammo everything should be easier, but still use shortcuts and avoid fights.

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