Risk of Rain Returns – Untouchable: Achievement Unlock for Commando

My strategy to unlock the current hardest achievement [easy mode]!

Basics & What Settings Make This Super Easy

Firstly please get the artefact of command, it is very useful for this!!!

Step by step!

  • Select default commando (more range on attacks and invincible roll)!
  • Enable drizzle.
  • Turn on artefact of command.
  • Go into the rules section under intensity and turn both damage dealt and taken to 200% and 999% respectively.
  • This is so you are sure when you get hit and also to just make it easier.

Useful Items

The THQWIB is needed!

On these settings it can one shot like any boss

  • Hermit’s Scarf – for evading attacks! [Unlock: rapidfire | huntress: achieve 200% attack speed.]

Stack this item as much as you want as it “gives +10% chance to evade per stack”

  • Prophet’s Cape – for blocking a hit every 15s! [Unlock: close calls | commando: dodge 7 lethal attacks.]

Do not stack this, it is sh*t a stack (+1 health recovered)

  • Red Whip – mobility, makes it way easier to evade.

Stack these a lot as they will carry you to victory.

Red items that will help if you get them!

Now you have done that it is time for the strats…


Before teleporter

run around and shoot things from afar before the teleporter event, most items should be gained on stage one, if not all.

When you get money, open chests and get the items I have mentioned above. Maybe even get other items to help slow down or kill enemies easier.

After activating teleporter

Throw your thqwibs at the boss, it should pretty much instantly kill the boss, if not run around until it recharges. Don’t even bother shooting just wait for the thqwibs, trust me.

Once you kill the boss, run around the entire map avoiding any enemies. Then activate the teleporter.

Now that you have reached stage 2, get more items if you feel like you need, or just find teleport and kill the boss again. Of course be running around a lot the whole time.

Once you reach stage 3, all you need to do is hit the teleporter. You do not have to kill the boss or wait for the timer. So just book it to the teleporter and slam your interact key.

Written by trippy


  1. Thanks for the tip! I find barbed wire more useful than hermit’s scarf since scarf doesn’t activate so much but barbed wire gurantees hitting melee enemies you could’ve miss

  2. i had some luck w/ artifact of kin in the OG game, dunno if the new enemies make it harder but if you luck out with which enemies spawn you shouldn’t have much of a problem

    • Using Artifact of Glass (and Kin) is a way to go, it helps SO much you don’t even need to get items, you’ll kill everything on your way (and you will be One-Shot’ed for sure if you’ll get hit)

  3. Also, if people still don’t have the Prophet’s Cape, you can cheese the achievement with the same settings and the Artifact of Glass. just spam dodge roll into the flying jellyfish and it will count as an evade.

  4. This helped a lot! To add on, if you’ve got it unlocked the Artifact of Glass will make this even easier, as you’re already dying in 1 hit it just adds more damage to make sure thqwib one-shots the bosses and makes your autoattack deal with basic enemies much more easily. Got it on my third try or so, I play on controller so got hit a few times when in the command selection menu

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