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Quincy Guide

If you want to learn more about game mechanics, secrets, or just to get useful tips, then don’t forget to check out our Type Soul Wiki Guide. It will be useful for beginners and experienced players alike.

Choosing Quincy

  • Large variety of weapons including a gun.
  • Each Schrift is powerful in its own way, allowing lots of build diversity.
  • Unique kido tree revolving around comboing moves together.
  • Regenerative defensive/offensive buffs with Blut Vene/Arterie.
  • Arrows available alongside normal m1s giving ranged options to every skill tree.
  • 3 Variants for True Letz.

Quincy Progression

To start progressing, make a party with the button on the left of the screen and then find a mission board to queue for missions.

You can now purchase Flashstep in the speed tree for 0 skillpoints.

  • From Grade 5 – Semi Grade 1 : For these ranks the only type of EXP you need is mission exp.
  • At Grade 2, you can obtain your Schrift.

From Semi Grade 1 – Elite Grade : Hollow NPC kills, Mission EXP, and Grip EXP is required for these ranks.

  • Press U to switch between Blut Vene and Blut Arterie
  • Press Tab to switch between your sword and bow

As a Quincy, you can change your weapon using a Spirit Box.

They can be obtained from winning raids or purchased at the Karakura Town raid shop for 80,000 Kan


In order to obtain Schrift, you first must be Grade 2. To begin the quest, head to the statue across the bridge and talk to it.

After this step is complete, in no particular order, you must:

  1. Kill 2 Menos (NPC or Players)
  2. Kill 1 Adjuchas (NPC or Players)
  3. Grip 3 Shinigami Players
  4. Grip 3 Arrancar Players
  5. Kill 5 Fishbones (NPC or Players)

When you have completed the quest, speak to the statue again to obtain Schrift. At any time during the quest, you are able to speak to the statue to see what you still need to do.


  • Blut Vene: When active, you take 30% less dmg reduction. It regenerates if you haven’t taken damage for 10 seconds.
  • Blut Arterie: When active, you have 10% (?) increased dmg and 10% rei regen. Dealing damage takes 10% (?) of the used attack’s damage and removes that 10% off of your blut points. Parrying/dodging restores the points.

Letzt Stil

A way for Quincies to temporarily gain access to the powers of the Sanrei Glove. (Wing color changes based on eye color if you have true Letzt).

  • Obtainment : Use 10 frags as an Elite Grade Quincy, after doing so you will be granted Letzt Stil.
  • Note: You can’t use a True Hogyoku without having lesser Letzt Stil.
  • Gives the skill Heilig Pfeil.

Letzt has the following effects on the following moves:


  • Rising Swallow – Ragdoll instead of knockback.
  • Crescent Relief – Knocks back further.
  • Mortal Ties – Turns red.
  • Bisection – Ragdoll instead of knockback.
  • Delayed Crossing – Ragdolls.


  • Floating Strikes – Goes further up, more damage.
  • Fast Fang – Goes further, more damage.
  • Flash Fang – Slightly wider, more damage.
  • Unseen Blade – More damage.


  • Whirlwind step now GBs.
  • Pulse now autotracks.


  • Shadows – Works through block.
  • Slide – Uses old Letzt arrows, makes arrows larger and knock back.


  • Obtained and rerolled through using a Cybernetic Box.
  • Drops from CW.
  • Drops from Bawabawa.



(Can grab multiple people).



We couldn’t use it, you know. This power. Not while we had your Bankai, they got in the way. So I guess we should be thankful. For restoring our own power to us!

Stage 1:

Win 13 raids, Karakura Town raids do not count.. Clan wars wins count as 2 raid wins, ranked wins count as 0.5. Progress can be checked at “V – Unequalled, Unrivalled” at the grey barn in KT.

Stage 2:

Fulfill all of these requirements without dying. If you die, you must restart stage 2:

  • 80 Hollow NPC kills (mission hollows count)
  • 15 Elite Grade grips (opposite factions only)
  • 1 Bawabawa kill (Hueco Mundo snake boss)

Stage 3:

Once finished with all of these, travel back to the Wandenreich, and go to the top of the castle (reach this by travelling forward into the castle through the gate and climbing the stairs). Here, you will find the Balance. Talk to him in order to begin your Vollstandig trial.

Once inside, you must parry pillars of light from the sky for a minute and 30 seconds. After you have completed this, Yhwach will spawn. Click on him to obtain your Vollständig. Failing puts this on cooldown, which can be reset by either waiting an hour or gripping two elite grade of an opposite faction.

Sankt Zwinger

Sacrifice health for the ultimate spell that unites offense and defense.


  • Use 9 Hogyoku Fragments at once on a Quincy.
  • It will then appear in the special tab of your menu.


Sacrifice 5% to place down Sankt Zwinger, each beam of light taking 5% from the user for 5 hits.

Quincy Clans

Note: Common clans do not have buffs.


  • Le Vaar – 25 hp, 20 rei, 15 posture
  • Parnkgjas – 20 hp, 5 rei, 5 posture, 5% increased mode duration
  • Du – 15 hp, 10 posture, better passive posture regen
  • Valkyrie – 15 hp, 15 posture, 15% increased vollstandig duration
  • B – 10 hp, 10% reiatsu regen


  • Bachman
  • Ehrenfenn
  • Furraire
  • Guizbatt
  • Kinling
  • Kruniel
  • Lamperd
  • Lloyd
  • McAllon
  • Opia
  • Opie
  • Ouritt
  • Waccabrada
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