Rough Justice: ’84 – Seneca City Guide

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Guide to Seneca City


Seneca City is a metropolis located in Ganondagen County in Upstate New York with an estimated population of 205,695 according to the 1983 census. Nestled at the mouth of the Chenango River, it is a port city on Lake Iroquois and was founded in 1789.

Seneca City is one of the United States’ first boomtowns, initially due to the fertile Chenango River Valley, which gave rise to numerous flour mills, and then as a manufacturing center that spurred further rapid population growth. The city rose to prominence as the birthplace and home of some of America’s most iconic companies, in particular Seneca Ignition System Ltd., Vyal Pharmaceuticals, Pop! Beverages, Secrite Arms. (and others) which saw the region become a global center for science, technology, research, and development.

This status has been aided by the presence of several internationally renowned universities (notably the Seneca City University of Applied Sciences, and Seneca Institute of Technology) and their research programs; these schools along with many other smaller colleges have played an increasingly large role in the Greater Seneca City’s economy.


  • North Point
  • Boyle Heights
  • Mission Point
  • Downtown
  • Burwell
  • Condon Hill (Irishtown)
  • Charlotte
  • South Wedge
  • Albany Heights
  • Franklin Terrace
  • 14th Ward
  • Chinatown
  • Eastridge
  • Cherry Hill
  • Little Italy
  • The Barrens

The Agency

At the agency, you can get an overview of the various case officers. Each case officer offers unique case-specific caseloads. For example, Hank only offers security caseloads, whereas Larry only offers 24/7 caseloads, etc.

Training Center

Before taking on a case that may have a puzzle, it is wise to visit the Training Center. In the training center, you can practice all of the various puzzles. There are 5 different tiers of difficulty for each puzzle. Training at the center is free and no experience is granted. It is simply a good opportunity to hone your puzzle skills in preparation for accepting cases.


There are numerous shops throughout Seneca City. Each shop specializes in a particular type of gear. You can click on a shop and see which gear is currently available, however in order to make a purchase, an agent must be selected and sent to the shop. Sending an agent to the shop requires Action Points.

The purchased items or “Gear Cards” will be added to the individual agent’s inventory. When an agent leaves (ends shift) these gear cards remain in their possession, and they will have them next time they are hired.


The bank mechanic offers players the option of borrowing money. Bear in mind that relatively steep interest rates apply.

If no loan has been taken out

You can choose one option. To unlock the next option, you need to have paid back the previous loan.

Warning Message

A pop-up warning message appears if you try to get another loan without first repaying the first loan.

Crisis Loan

The crisis loan is automatic if the player is in the negative. It appears just after the message of Darrin Norris.

Pay Balance

You can choose how much of the loan you would like to repay.

Active Loan

A timer displays how much time until the loan is due on the upper right-hand corner of the screen.

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