Rough Justice: ’84 – Useful Tips & Tricks

Some suggestions on how to excel at the game.

Tips & Tricks

Use the Pause Feature

Rough Justice: ’84 is all about managing your time. Even though you can fast forward the events, it should be done with extreme caution, as your agents may need your assistance in a critical moment, or a map drop may appear and you could miss it. Carefully planning out your moves in advance, and then unpausing is highly advisable.

Don’t Overspend

If you dip below zero funds, you’ll be granted a “crisis loan”, which will allow you to dip to -$500; however, once you dip further below, that threshold the game will end. Managing your expenditures and income is essential if you want your agency to survive and thrive.

Use the Bank Sparingly

It may seem like a no-brainer, but lemme tell ya, those interest rates are gonna put you in the squeeze!

Use your agents’ action points during rolls

Sometimes your agents may not have enough stat points, but if you plan it out properly, you can use your action points in order to get additional dice during rolls.

Categorize your agents

Defining which agents should tackle with case types, or which stat roll types from the beginning can help you immensely further down the line.

Use the Shops

Sometimes there are really good deals at the shops, and having a well-equipped agent increased your chances of success.

Take it at your own pace

The story slowly unravels over time, but you are not forced to complete any of the story elements, until you’re good and ready.

Read the case descriptions

In Tier 1 cases, the necessary stats are highlighted, however, in Tier 2 and Tier 3 cases, they are not. Make sure to carefully read through the text to ensure that you’re sending the right agent. More info on cases can be found here.

Practice at the Training Center

With over 20 different puzzles throughout the game, don’t be caught unaware! Spend time in the Training Center with the various puzzles so you feel confident enough to tackle them when they come up in cases. Make sure the fiddle with the difficulty levels as well, to ensure that you are prepared for higher-tier cases, which utilize higher-tier puzzles.

Use Moonlighting with caution

Moonlighting cases are VERY lucrative, however, they come with a catch! Bear in mind that once accepted, you’ll lose 5 reputation points across the board for ALL case officers….and you could lose your case officer-level perks.

Be cautious with Events

Random events will occasionally appear, and the choices you make can have significant implications on further gameplay. More information on events can be found here.

Be on the lookout for Map Drops

Map Drops are a great way of getting a nice buff for your agents. These random events spawn sporadically and grant the agent sent either an action point bonus or a “golden die” bonus.

Save Often

Make sure to take ample advantage of the save feature. There is NO auto-save functionality.

Be Cautious with Fugitive Recovery Cases

Although there is potential for great reward, by failing fugitive recovery cases, your agent can lose between 3 and 20 Action Points, depending on the Tier difficulty. This can essentially sideline your agent and prematurely end their shift.

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