Ruined King: A League of Legends Story – Bestiary Entries Guide

Bestiary Entries

Here is the full complete bestiary, with an overview of the enemies and where to find them. If you’re missing a particular bestiary entry, scroll down to the corresponding bestiary page to find more information about how you can get that entry.

I’ll make a sidenote for any particularly elusive fellows.

Page One

Top Row from Left to Right:

  • Wharf Rat Whelp (Bilgewater)
  • Warrens Squatter (Bilgewater)
  • Pugilist (Bilgewater)
  • Back-Alley Tenderfoot (Bilgewater)
  • Wild Gunner (Bilgewater)
  • Back-Alley Cutpurse (Bilgewater)
  • Pistoleer (Bilgewater)
  • Yordle Padfoot (Bilgewater)

Middle Row from Left to Right:

  • Irongut Pit Fighter (Bilgewater)
  • Temple Spiderling (Grey Harbor Buhru Temple)
  • Tamed Shrapnel Launcher (Grey Harbor)
  • Sorrowful Wisp (Grey Harbor)
  • Mistwalker Villager (Grey Harbor)
  • Mistwalker Sailor (Grey Harbor)
  • Grey Harbor Swashbuckler (Grey Harbor)
  • Grey Harbor Bandit (Grey Harbor)

Bottom Row from Left to Right:

  • Spectral Wharf Rat (Grey Harbor)
  • Giant Temple Spider (Grey Harbor Buhru Temple)
  • Mistwalker Kraken Priest (Grey Harbor Buhru Temple)
  • Mistwalker Kraken Monk (Grey Harbor Buhru Temple)
  • Shadow Caller (Grey Harbor, Grey Harbor Buhru Temple)
  • Spectral Hydra Turtle (Grey Harbor)
  • Plunder Crab (Bilgewater)
  • Jagged Hooks Scout (Bilgewater, Jagged Hooks Warehouse)

Page Two

Top Row from Left to Right:

  • Ankle Slicer (Bilgewater)
  • Jett (Bilgewater, Jagged Hooks Warehouse)
  • Wharf Rat (Bilgewater)
  • Smuggler Crackshot (Bilgewater)
  • Jagged Hooks Venom Blade (Bilgewater)
  • Saboteur (Bilgewater, Jagged Hooks Warehouse)
  • Wharf Rat Alpha (Bilgewater)
  • Bandit Thrasher (Bilgewater)

Middle Row from Left to Right:

  • Jagged Hooks Cannoneer (Bilgewater, Jagged Hooks Warehouse)
  • Ironweb Spiderling (Shadow Isles)
  • Exploding Wisp (Shadow Isles)
  • Infected Razorfin (Shadow Isles)
  • Corrupted Sea Bat (Shadow Isles)
  • Shadow Imp (Shadow Isles, Shadow Vault)
  • Vault Sentry (Shadow Isles, Shadow Vault)
  • Lost One (Shadow Isles)

Bottom Row from Left to Right:

  • Giant Ironweb Spider (Shadow Isles)
  • Barbed Razorfin (Bilgewater, Grey Harbor)
  • Doomed Sailor (Shadow Isles)
  • Corrupt Treant (Shadow Isles, Shadow Vault)
  • Mistwalker Seeker (Shadow Isles)
  • Corrupted Priest (Shadow Isles)
  • Mist Elemental (Shadow Isles, Shadow Vault)
  • Carrion Wurm (Shadow Isles, Shadow Vault)

Page Three

Top Row from Left to Right:

  • Mistwalker Assassin (Shadow Isles)
  • Shadow Summoner (Shadow Isles, Shadow Vault)
  • Shadow Construct (Shadow Isles, Shadow Vault)
  • Mistwalker Executioner (Shadow Isles)
  • Flying Horror (Shadow Isles, Shadow Vault)
  • Trigger-Happy Gunslinger (Bilgewater)
  • Cunning Trickster (Bilgewater, Grey Harbor)
  • Flame Crawler (Bilgewater)

Middle Row from Left to Right:

  • Cutthroat Stalker (Bilgewater)
  • Marksman (Bilgewater)
  • Resilient Crusher (Bilgewater, Grey Harbor)
  • Sunken Shrieker (Purification Temple)
  • Naga Iron Fist (Purification Temple)
  • Naga Marauder (Purification Temple)
  • Tidecaller Shieldmaiden (Purification Temple)
  • Frostheart Naga (Purification Temple)

Bottom Row from Left to Right:

  • Naga Stormcaller (Purification Temple)
  • Possessed Tome (Shadow Isles, Thresh’s Library)
  • Emberspark Wisp (Shadow Isles, Thresh’s Library)
  • Mistwalker Warlock (Shadow Isles, Thresh’s Library)
  • Mistwalker Shield Bearer (Shadow Isles, Thresh’s Library)
  • Fear Eater (Shadow Isles, Thresh’s Library)
  • Mistwalker Librarian (Shadow Isles, Thresh’s Library)
  • Corrupted Guardian (Shadow Isles, Thresh’s Library)

Page Four

Top Row from Left to Right:

  • Harpooner (Shadow Isles)
  • Grim Revenant (Shadow Isles, Thresh’s Library)
  • Mind Reaper (Shadow Isles, Thresh’s Library)
  • Bladebreaker (Bilgewater)
  • Reinforced Plunder Crab (Bilgewater)
  • Windrake Spiderling (The Guardian’s Sea, Windrake Isle)
  • Windrake Razorwing (The Guardian’s Sea, Windrake Isle)
  • Sharpshooter (Bilgewater)

Middle Row from Left to Right:

  • Dead Eye (Bilgewater)
  • Gale Idol (The Guardian’s Sea, Windrake Isle)
  • Giant Windrake Spider (The Guardian’s Sea, Windrake Isle)
  • Naga Warmaster (The Guardian’s Sea)
  • Hextech Brawler (Bilgewater)
  • Bombshell Tinkerer (Bilgewater)
  • Imposing Tidecaller (The Guardian’s Sea)
  • Wind Golem (The Guardian’s Sea, Windrake Isle)

Bottom Row from Left to Right:

  • Cannon Crusher (Bilgewater)
  • Acid Spitter (The Guardian’s Sea, Windrake Isle)
  • Ill Omen (Shadow Isles)
  • Mistvenom Crawler (Shadow Isles)
  • Imp (Shadow Isles, Vastaya Vault)
  • Forbidden Chronicle (Shadow Isles, Vastaya Vault)
  • Bramble Heart (Shadow Isles)
  • Mistwalker Phalanx (Shadow Isles)

Page Five

Page Six

Page Seven


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