Ruined King: A League of Legends Story – How to Get Oblivion Orb (Obtain 3 Totems)

This guide will show how to get the Oblivion Orb after obtaining 3 totems. Warning! This contain spoilers!

Oblivion Orb Guide

Midnight Totem

The Midnight Totem is obtained by killing the Veil Jumper. In order kill him you need the ethereal lens from a side quest at Baron’s Rest. After obtaining the lens go to the Warrens where you fight Pyke and activate it on a spirit opening and it will reveal a chest.

Go to Low Tides Market and you’ll be able to face the Veil Jumper and get the Midnight Totem.

Second Totem

Another totem is gained by solving the Blackbirds Puzzle, find the statues in the Vault of Giants, Vesani Vault and Shadow Vault. Giants points N, Shadow points NE, Vesani points NW.

Third Totem

Lastly the final totem is in the Vesani Vault, you need to memory of 1 of the golems in the Light Silo. Doing so activates a light puzzle in the atrium. Solution for puzzle is adjusting the nodes in this order 1,1,3,5,5 where 1 is the left most node going clockwise.

Final Step

After you obtain all 3 totems you can take it back to Thresh’s artifact room to forge it into the Oblivion Orb, which I believe is BiS for Ahri’s weapon.

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