Russian Fishing 4 – Kuori Lake Tournament Guide

Basic help guide for the upcoming Kuori lake tournament.

Guide to Kuori Lake Tournament

Lake Trout

2 1/2 hours. 840 gold with cafe orders. Not too horrible. Could be improved with Burbot night fishing which I did not do on this run.

I only troll with 2 rods.

Red circles were the hot spot for the larger fish and the rainbows.

Focused on Lake Trout. Couple decent ones, but no monsters yet. But I know they are in there.

The color of the week is yellow. Try out any yellow lures, especially Wobblers.

Time Of Day

No specific time. The larger Lakes and the Rainbows seemed to like early morning. From past experience, trophy sized Lakers like to get that final bite right when night time hits.

Rainbow bites went up during rain, but could be coincidence.


Rod 1

  • 22 KG Fluoro Leader
  • DP-Crank 6-003
  • Hooks: 2-0

Rod 2

  • 22 KG Fluoro Leader
  • Heaven Creek Agressor 35-005
  • Hooks: Size 2

Decrease Flouro size and hook size for higher bite rate, but smaller fish.

Increase hook size if you just want that trophy.

3 small Pike in 2 1/2 hours, so steel leaders not required.

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