Sailing Era – Missable Discovery in Yun Story

Introduces method to obtain the discovery “Golden Statue of Zheng He”, which is a missable discovery in Yun’s storyline.

Golden Statue of Zheng He Discovery


There is a missable discovery in Yun Mu’s story. There is very little in-game info that guides you to it, so I’ll detail the way to obtain it below.

Yingya Shenglan

Note that this step must be completed before you establish a guild in Palembang!

You need some contribution, or some development through investments for the event to trigger. I don’t know the exact requirements. You will want to max out Hangzhou for the various benefits either way, so there shouldn’t be a problem here.

An event will trigger in Hangzhou store. Simply buy one silk and bring it to Haizhou. You will obtain the key item “Yingya Shenglan”.

The Overall Survey of the Star Raft

This should be a part of the main storyline, and should be not missable. After you recruit Aji, go to Palembang library and read book that requires Humanity 5 and Music 3 (can obtain equipment in Haizhou for +2 Humanity and in Hormuz for +1 Music). After reading, you will obtain the second book “The Overall Survey of the Star Raft”.

Zhangzhou Rice Quest

This is an event that is related to Wang in Manila, but I’m not sure whether it is related to the Zheng He Statue discovery; I included it here just in case. During the main story, when you are required to bring 30 rices to Zhangzhou, stop by Manila and you will get 5 rices from Wang’s estate.

The Annals of the Foreign Countries…

Note that this event can only trigger when the main story asks you to bring sweet potato, corn and potato back to Zhangzhou. However, DO NOT go back to Zhangzhou just yet. Stop by Manila to trigger this event first, otherwise you will miss it!

When the main story asks you to bring sweet potato, corn and potato back to Zhangzhou, go to Manila and an event will trigger. Go to Palembang, and go back to Manila. You will obtain “The Annals of the Foreign Countries…”, and subsequently a treasure map that points to where “Golden Statue of Zheng He” is. Set sail and grab the discovery from the sea.

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