Sailing Era – Useful Tips and Tricks

Let’s drop tips for cool stuff that is easy to miss (light spoilers ahead).

Random Tips and Hints

All credit goes to Yamiro!

  • You can hire a french chef if you bring a x amount of black pepper to Calais (perhaps other french ports too).
  • If playing as Andrew, give your first skill up (level 21) to Ship Building to unlock modifications as early as possible, even rush Andrew to 30 to unlock his discount on people with less EXP then him.
  • Andrew’s third ability where he generates contribution upon discovering a port is huge. It gives you 100 contribution immediately which allows you to unlock the extra trade good and any land excursion without having to do any missions. I got it after buying a bunch of maps and linking up auto sail routes. I wish I pushed for that earlier.
  • Buy in ports that are in depression. Sell where they’re high as a kite.
  • If you’re struggling against Pirates, aim for Easy or Very Easy bounties, and make sure your ship at least is outfitted with a scatter foregun, poor range but they decimate the enemies crew count, a medium ship 2/ 2 of them can OHKO small vessels and even cripple medium ones in one or two passes.
  • When changing your ship layout in the shipyard you can switch between ships and stock your other ships full of storeroom.
  • Buy skill book ASAP as the price for those books increase over time.
  • Do William side quest (the Journey of Odysseus one) as soon as possible. That will unlock one of the most useful skills in the entire game.
  • You can assign your sailors as captains on other ships at any time. Even during battle.
  • If multiple pirate bounties are picked, and they all spawn in the same place, they will spawn at the same time, having a 1v6 with a single ship was not what I signed up for.
  • If you drink with tavern girl 3 times, you pass out 3 days.
  • If you wanna explore the world, “your ship crew must only 20 or 30” so has less food consumption.
  • If you wanna beat some pirates, “maximum your ship crew” for better fight and last long.
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