Sailing Era – Rating of the Main Characters

Please note: all credit goes to Schutzengel !


I only started out playing the game and am unsure which character to play. I saw the secondary character of 1 of the MC in a port so Im assuming that you can get all characters except getting the other MCs.

To help with choosing the character, Ive rated the MCs in regards to what their potential is when achieving the Level-Cap and other resource-related caps, meaning that Traits that related to XP become useless after achieving said Level-Cap as are Traits that become useless later on too.

Since there seems to be a language Cap of 5, being forced into 1 specific language is bad, as this ejects the player control over selection of languages. I did not rate the usefulness of any language, since I just dont know.

3rd Place – Yun / Andrew


  • useful non-combat Trait (Picky Shopping)


  • forced into a specific language
  • lowest HP and ATK
  • lowest combined Skill count
  • Captain Leadership Skill = 2
  • useless XP Trait (Scholar)
  • useless Book Trait (Analogist)
  • lacks 4th Trait


  • free selection of languages
  • Captain Leadership Skill = 4


  • 2nd lowest HP and ATK
  • lowest combined Skill count
  • useless XP Traits (Adventurous Spirit, Innate Leader)
  • useless non-combat Trait (Route Pathfinder)
  • lacks 4th Trait

Yun and Andrew are the worst characters.

The good thing you can say about Yun is that she gets lots of profits from selling goods of any kind. If you are a non-combat player and dead-set on solely selling goods for profits, this is your character. IMO, just getting higher profits just doesnt cut it.

Anrew lacks any kind of Trait that has any use after achieving the Level-Cap and similar, which is a huge downside. He has more HP / ATK than Yun, can freely select his remaining languages as well as starting with the highest Leadership Skill of all MCs though.

Neither Yun nor ANdrew have something that sets them apart from the other 2 characters below.

2nd Place – Abdullah


  • free selection of languages
  • highest HP and ATK
  • useful Combat Traits (Loot, Ship Seizing Tactics)


  • useless XP Trait (Skilled Fighter)
  • lacks 4th Trait

Abdullah is the best MC for combat-related players as his Traits enhance all possible aspects of combat in favor of him. Thanks to his Loot Trait he will also make more profits similar to Yun, because he gets extra items to sell from combat. Like Andrew, he can freely select his languages.

What sets him apart from Yun and Andrew is the unique addition of capturing ships, fast boarding thanks to his HP / ATK and generally getting more Ooomph out of any combat. Yun just gets a flat numerical increase to profits and Andrews Traits are entirelly useless.

Players who enjoyed Sid Meiers Pirates combat spects should pick this character.

1st Place – Yoshitaka


  • free selection of languages
  • 2nd highest HP and ATK
  • highest combined Skill count
  • useful non-Combat Traits (Cats at Hand, Craftsmanship Knowledge)
  • sports 4th Trait


  • useless XP Trait (Prestigious Shipbuilder)

Yoshitaka is the best character to select for new players.

In addition to having a very useful selection of Traits and sporting the highest combined Skill count, he also starts the game with 50.000 money and quickly get a very powerful and fast starter ship.

Whatever Rat Infestations do to your crew and profits from selling cargo, he is not affected by it.

If your playstyle favors non-combat or a mix with combat, this is your character. The 4th Trait he gets over all other characters makes him the best one. If the other characters had a 4th Trait, he would be on par with Abdullah.

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