Samurai Bringer – Guide to Skills and Combinations

This guide will going to introduce some extra-cool skills and combinations.

Skills and Combinations Guide

There are some things that the Master will teach you in the game, but there are so many that it gets pretty hard to remember them all. Try some of these out and master them with practice!

Recommended Skills

  • Expand: Your weapons will grow, extending your attack range. Weapon size increases incrementally with the number set. Gun bullets, etc., also grow larger. The image shows a sword at normal size and when enlarged.
  • Samidare: A single attack hits in succession. The number of hits increases with the number set. In the case of a gun bullet, for example, it represents the number of times it penetrates the enemy.
  • Defense Break: Brave Generals/Clan Leaders actually guard surprisingly often. The probability of a guard break increases with the number set. Foot Soldiers will not guard.
  • Power: When combined with a direct attack such as a sword, an effect will appear when the attack is launched and a super armor effect will be added. The speed of the skill is affected by the number set.
    • When combined with gun bullets or other weapons, the bullets will ricochet when they hit a wall. The number of ricochets increases with the number set.
  • Guidance: When combined with gun bullets, etc., this skill will home in on the enemy. Homing time increases with the number set. This skill is indispensable for guns and war fans.

Recommended Combinations

  • Multi-Jump: This one is really simple, but by stringing together a series of separate jumps, you can make it over high walls and cliffs since you can jump in the air as many times as the number of this skill you’ve set.
  • Power Step: Combining 4 Steps with 4 Powers enables you to execute a special skill called Power Step, which can cancel attacks, etc. This skill is very useful not only for canceling your own attacks, but also for escaping while being attacked by the enemy.
  • Aerial Attack: Adding Jump to certain skills will provide a floating effect. 4 Jumps will make you fully airborne!
  • If you attach it to an attack, you can attack without falling after jumping, and if you attach it to a Step, you can move without falling down. Normally, if you attack in the air, you will fall down, but when floating in the air, you will keep floating until the end of the move, and then fall down when the move is over. This is good for enemies with higher-up weak points, such as boss yokai!
  • Sword Thrust: When equipped with a sword set with 4 Slash Downs, 4 Slices, and 1 Jump, you create a skill used to jump and thrust your sword into the ground. This is a rare technique that allows you to jump and strike from up above the enemy’s head.
  • Drill Thrust: If you have a spear equipped with 4 Thrusts and 2 Steps, it allows you to execute a move that thrusts toward the enemy, rotating and plunging into them for a big show.
  • Weapon Throw: If you equip a double-edged sword with 4 Reverse Slices and 1 Step, it enables you to attack by throwing a spinning weapon. And after the throw, it can still be used to attack normally, making it useful as a projectile weapon!

These combinations increase in effectiveness and power as the number of skills set increases, and they can be further enhanced via repetition and attribute skills.

There are lots of different combinations that produce special skills, but many of them are not specifically named. By all means, give them whatever name you like, and be sure to drop us a line and tell us about “My Very Own Awesome Skill”!

Tip: Be aware that adding multiple attribute skills won’t change a skill’s effectiveness!

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