Samurai Bringer – Passive Skills Guide

How’s your base’s armament collection coming along? Awesome when gathered, exhilarating when used! If you happen upon a Brave General, start throwing hands and try to take him down!

Guide to Passive Skills

Today we’re going to introduce some especially cool passive skills.

Enhanced HP & Enhanced DEF

  • You’re low on HP, and even after eating a riceball, you’re bound to die quickly… This is when these skills come in handy.

More SP Rec. & Defeat SP Rec.

  • You want to equip a lot of skills to increase your attack power, but as soon as you do, you run out of breath… These skills are useful in times like this. SP management is important for surviving hardcore attacks or escaping suddenly when required!


  • You can collect scrolls, armaments, keys, etc., automatically. Equipping this enables you to earn what you need more quickly and smoothly.
  • Just be aware that it also sucks up riceballs.
  • Feel like you need some more skills? In that case, it’s good to use “Dash” to increase our movement speed and “Researcher” to increase your chances of scrolls appearing!


  • Each weapon type has its own “Master” skill, which increases attack speed dramatically.
  • Note, however, that this skill is ineffective unless the corresponding weapon is equipped.


  • There are times when you get burned by a flame attack, or spun around by a storm attack, or drowned in a poison bog that you spread yourself, right? When this happens, you can attack one-sidedly with confidence by equipping a set of resistance-based skills.
  • It also has the benefit of halving attribute attack damage from Brave Generals and boss yokai.

Damage Wave

  • This provides a low probability of generating a shockwave when taking damage. If you’re equipped with some type of attribute resistance, the type of shockwave will correspond to that attribute.

Berserker & All or Nothing & Spirit of Asura & Fury

  • All of these skills increase attack power: Berserker makes you impossible to guard against; All or Nothing randomly changes damage type; Spirit of Asura halves HP; and Fury increases attack power as HP decreases. Attack power will increase significantly, but there are downsides to these skills as well, so use them with care!

Some passive skills require achievements to be unlocked as a condition for obtaining them. There are several other elements that can also be unlocked via achievements.

Since the unlocking of achievements will also strengthen Susanoo, be sure to check out the list of achievements and unlock them as required.

Tip: Don’t you feel like you’ve seen the armaments lined up at the northwestern part of your base somewhere before…?

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