SD GUNDAM BATTLE ALLIANCE – How to Make 1 Million in 30 Minutes

This guide will shows you how to make 1 Million caps in 30 minutes.

Guide to Make 1 Million in 30 Minutes

This guide is not for the early game beginners. You must reach at least these following requirements.


  1. Mission Progress 7B.
  2. Alex Gundam + At least 2 Uncapped.
  3. At least 2~3 parts with “Dropped Capital” parts.
  4. At least 2 skill slots + Lucky skill + Raring to Go skill.


MS Setting

  • MS: Alex Gundam – Blueprint from Mission 3B (True).
  • Parts: All “Dropped Capital” Parts in part slots.
  • Skills: Lucky / Raring to Go.


  • Mission: 7B (Break)
  • Difficulty: Easy


  1. Raring to Go will give you 50% of the skill meter.
  2. When you cast “Roll Action” , Lucky skill will active.
  3. Lucky skill will make double drop of caps from your enemy.
  4. “Dropped Capital” parts will add caps from your enemy, if you of 4x parts for +1500 , each enemy will drop at least +1500 caps. And it’s 100% guaranteed drop.
  5. If you cast “Roll Action” with your “Dropped Capital Parts” you will get double amount of the each part’s buffed capital (Example, if you have +1500 “Dropped Capital” parts, you will at least get +3000 from your each enemy. Mechanism is simple. If your drop was one yellow cap that contains +1500, it will drop 2x of yellow cap instead of a single yellow cap. While on the buff you will get guaranteed 2x drop of the yellow caps no matter how much it is).
  6. If you Cast SPAs of Alex Gundam, you will get a buff for a certain period. While you’re on the SPAs buff your drop rate will be 4x between 6x, and dropped cap’s color will be red color instead of the yellow. While you’re on SPAs buff Lucky skill won’t affect.
  7. Make a rotation Lucky -> SPAs -> Lucky -> SPAs. You can get 2x caps drop rate between 4x caps drop rate.
  8. Difficulty doesn’t matter, easy difficult will still drops the part’s caps.
  9. Mission 7B (Break) has infinite spawn mechanism. Do not enter the boss room and roam around. You will have 30 minutes to farm per each single mission.
  10. for 10 minutes you get at least 350k (It’s depending on your parts number. I have 4x parts and +1200 caps buff. If you have less parts, you will get less money).

Video Demonstration

Written by Meep


  1. Use the DLC mission (Narrative C mission), you will receive roughly 3 Million in under 30 minutes completing the mission with friends or AI on Hard.

  2. Hard does in fact give you more than easy.
    Got 500k just from doing 7b break on hard. Its actually much easier to do 7B true like the other guy said since it doesnt have a boss but still gives around a mil if you use something with a spa buff. Over 900k as F91 with lucky andai partners but no capital boost parts.

    Side note partners also seem to get your bonus when spa buff is up. By seem to I mean I did nothing and watched partners kill a couple guys and saw red still appear.

  3. Easier way for 700k-1M in 10-15min
    1. Finished the game all in normal so Hard mode unlock.
    2. Go for 7B-True (Hard)
    3. Best with Gundam Wing Zero (recommend *3 with friends or co-op)
    4. Rush to the object point and defense
    5. just go hook all those crates if possible.
    6. Use Wing Zero SPA for capital boost.
    7. Don’t die save some guage for chain break if possible.
    8. Again Don’t and try not to die.

    Why 7B-True (Hard) ?
    = There’s no boss to fight here just defense, wait and try not to die that’s all

  4. you handicapping yourself by doing it on 7b break rather than True. With Alex and no capital parts you can get a lot more (doing 220k per 10 minutes on 7b true consistently) for the same time frame.

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