SD GUNDAM BATTLE ALLIANCE – Advanced Maneuver Guide and Tutorial

This guide will show you 7 advanced maneuvers that is not written in in-game tutorial. This tutorial is based on Sharpshooter but you can do with another roles but some of actions you cannot do with some MS.

Guide to Advanced Maneuvers


SD Gundam Battle Aliance has in-game tips in Library menu. Unfortunately many of in-game features are not written in tutorial, and there’s many hidden features. This guide will discover few hidden and un-written in-game features.

This guide is made based on Sharpshooter MS GP03S but many MS also can do some of advanced maneuvers, unfortunately some features are not able to perform for some MS.

If you’re not a Sharpshooter type, you can’t perform

  • Shooting Cancel.
  • Sub 1 <-> Sub 2 Cancel.

Your MS might not able to perform

  • Special attack jump cancel.
  • Charged jump special attack landing cancel.
  • Perfect Standard Quick Cancel.

Full Tutorial Video

Following section will explain in plain text.

Advanced Maneuvers

Build & Spec

  • MS: GP03S.
  • Role: Sharpshooter.
  • Skills – Medic / Mind’s Eye / Identify.
  • Parts – 4x Sidestep Invulnerability Up 0.01s / HP / HP / Range / Melee.

Standard Combo without Quick Cancel

  • Command

Standard – Standard – Sidestep – Standard – Standard – Sidestep

  • Pros: Simple and Easy
  • Cons: Lowest DPS , Very low balance damage

You can’t use this combo in hard mode since every enemy has high hyper armor, and they will ignore your standard attack and counter attack you as soon as you perform standard attack.

Perfect Standard Quick Cancel

  • Command

Standard – Sidestep

Perfect Standard Quick Cancel stands for standard attack quick cancellation with applied damage.
If your standard attack has applied damage toward your target, also if you’re succeed on your quick cancel, it’s a perfect standard quick cancel.

  • Pros: Initial attack for highest DPS combo, able to change position, shortened recovery time
  • Cons 1: 50% of boost guage consumption
  • Cons 2: Many Sharpshooter and Infighter type MS can’t perform this. Most of Multi-role can only perform while on their role-action buff. Only Certain MS can do this (Ex. GM Sniper , GP03s etc..)

Cancel Combo 1: Initial Cancel Backstab

  • Command

(C) Stands for Quick Cancel Command

Standard – Jump (C) – Forward Sidestep

Initial combo for the backstab position. This combo will move your MS’s position right behind of your target almost instantly, and your next following attack will be considered as a backstab attack (1.33x damage)

Cancel Combo 2: Special Cancel Combo

  • Command

(C) Stands for Quick Cancel Command

Special – Jump (C) – Charged Special – Landing (C) – Charged Standard – Shooting (C)

Ground Combo for chain special or charged attack. It has a fairly high DPS and very high balance damage for as a non-sub attack. Also this combo consumes fairly low boost guage, and you can change your position with extra sidestep between quick cancel.

Cancel Combo 3: Full Backstab Cancel Combo

  • Command

(C) Stands for Quick Cancel Command

Standard – Jump (C) – Forward Sidestep – Charged Special – Land (C) – Special – Jump (C) – Charged Special – Landing (C) – Charged Standard – Shooting (C)

This Combo 1+2 Full combination. It has high dps and safe to chain combo against high balance target like hard mode enemies. You can keep stagger your target and also you can appli fairly high amount of DPS with low cost of boost gauge.

Cancel Combo 4: High DPS Burst Combo

  • Command

(C) Stands for Quick Cancel Command

Standard – Sidestep (C) – Shooting – Standard – Sidestep (C) – Shooting

This combo has highest burst DPS (2.5x dps compare to the standard combo) . But also it will deplete your entire of boost gauge. Therefore choose wisely your moment to use this high burst combo. I recommend use toward stunned target who has fairly low HP that you can finish with this combo.

Cancel Combo 5: Aerial Cancel Backstab Combo

  • Command

(C) Stands for Quick Cancel Command

Launch (Charged Special) – Jump (C) – Standard – Forward Sidestep (C) – Standard – Standard – Sidestep – Standard – Standard – Charged Special – Landing (C) – Shooting

This combo will considered aerial + backstab combination. basedamage * 1.33x * 1.20x will be applied. With this areal combo, you can kill all kind of non-boss enemy in hard mode.

Shooting Sidestep Cancel

  • Command

Shooting – Sidestep – Sidestep – Shooting – Sidestep – Sidestep


  • Sidestep can be performed up to 5+ time between each shooting.
  • You can perform this maneuver while reloading.

You can perform chain-sidestep as much as you want. But for my personal perspective, 1.5x speed is enough for boost gauge exhaustion. I use this only for boss battle, and for me, it’s very seldom to use this against the regular non-boss enemy type.

Sidestep-Guard Cancel

  • Command

Sidestep – Guard

Your guard timing will be right after Sidestep’s end. Not right after sidestep’s starting moment.

This will make your sidestep distance longer with an inertia effect, and also protect you with guard command. I often use this when I’m charging against ranged type of enemy to save my boost gauge and protect my MS against enemies shooting.

Written by Meep


  1. Great guide and this really is the best thing about the game, it’s fighting game style combo system with cancels and rapid cancels. The tutorials actually DO teach you these cancels but they don’t do a good job of getting in depth like this with cancel chaining. They simply tell you ‘how’ to do it and leave you to experiment. Guaranteed most ppl won’t even do the tutorials.

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