SD GUNDAM BATTLE ALLIANCE – How to Reduce Annoying Lock-On Changes

Just stop looking around and focus on the target.

Guide to Reduce Annoying Lock-On Changes


For sharpshooters ranged style fighters like me, having constant lock-on is very important.

I am making this guide because these settings below helped me focus fire on priority targets from far away and I want to help you do the same. I’ll keep it short, sweet and to the point.

The reason why you may find the lock-on changes often is because the change lock-on mechanic is via looking around. For those using keyboard and mouse, this basically means it’s because you moved the mouse. ‘Looking around’ can happen even if you move the mouse very slightly – especially if you are a sharpshooter far away from target.

To reduce the lock-on changes, you simply need to stop looking around.

A sure way to stop looking around is by simply not using the mouse at all.

Keyboard only requires clever button set up. This is mine:


  • Move: A,S,D,W
  • Look: NUM 4, NUM 2, NUM 8, NUM 6
  • Lock-on/Reset view: NUM 5
  • Main range: NUM 9
  • Main melee: NUM 7
  • Sub 1: Q
  • Sub 2: E
  • Special Melee:C
  • Guard: F
  • Repair: R
  • Rapid Drop: X
  • Jump: Space
  • Dash/Action: Left Shift
  • Partner 1 special: 1
  • Partner 2 special: 2

The above makes it easy for you to do your special and role actions too because it’s very close to ASDW.

  • Special: Q+E
  • Role action: F+C

Other recommended options:

  • Remove auto lock on. I find that it gives more control.
  • Change lock to priority centre. I find that this helps target selection especially if you want to focus on boss far away and ignore mobs closer to you.

How to Use

  1. Find target via Num look buttons.
  2. Lock-on.
  3. Stop using look buttons and focus attacking. Don’t touch the mouse.
  4. Enemy dead.
  5. Repeat from 1.

That’s it.

I hope this is helpful and makes you enjoy the game even more.

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