Sengoku Dynasty – How to Play with Friends (Private Co-op)

How to host a private server and how to connect to one in Sengoku Dynasty.

How to Play Co-op

In Sengoku Dynasty joining a friend’s game it’s not straight forward at all. That’s why I decided to create this guide.

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Host a Game: Your Savegame

If it’s your first time playing the game, or you want to start over, select create new savegame.

Any other previous save will be shown on the list.

Click the image to open it fullsize.

Host a Game: Private Server

Select the private option to hide the server from the main public list. This will generate a code (or password) that will be unique every single time you do this, make sure you copy and paste it somewhere for your friend to join (Discord, Steam Chat, etc).

Click on create server after sharing the code.

Join a Game: Finding a Private Server

So far your friend is hosting a private server, the game won’t appear on the public list.

Tick the box next to password and another box will appear, where you can paste the code shared by your friend.

After the code has been inserted, hit the refresh button.

Join a Game

The server should now appear in the list and you can join like any other server.

The codes in this guide Do Not Match.


I didn’t find many issues while joining my friend’s game, so here’s just a few tips.

If you can’t join games or your friend can’t join your game:

  • Make sure the host fully loads up inside the game before attempting to refresh the list
  • The first time joining or hosting a server a Windows Defender allert might popup, make sure you grant enought permission to the game.

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  1. I had a issue. If you already played and want to host your saved game session. Restart the game and your good.

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