Sengoku Dynasty – Tips for New Players

Useful Tips for Newcomers

You only have 5 days per season, and currently there is no pause in the game (without going to the Main Menu). I wanted to offer tips to new players to help soften the blow.

  • Villager needs are food and water. For them to access it, you need both a food storage AND a water storage.
  • If you are having a villager collecting the water, you also need to have a Dynasty Storage to keep buckets for them to use.
  • You also need to build a well for beverages (IE water).
  • The Dynasty tab is where you control/assign houses to homeless villagers as well as jobs. For food, you select on the building (which is a house) and increase the number until the “faces” are either neutral or happy. For beverages, you assign the person to work at the well, but you have to have enough buckets for whatever number you select.
  • Make a wood cutter’s shed ASAP because you can get 6 planks per log versus 3 per log using an adze. Plus you need it to make buckets.
  • Craft 2-3 tools, they replace a broken tool automatically and you can speed up the task.
  • A wood storage is great to store most of the space consuming items you’ll need later on.
  • After you have rebuilt the bridge, don’t forget to add yourself to a job for the season change. Example – Using a stone axe and assigning yourself to the woodcutter’s hut will net you 8 logs. It’s not a lot (you need a better axe), but it’s better than nothing. Or you could make food or beverages etc. Assign yourself a job.
  • Build a Well. You can either manually “drop the bucket” in the well to get water – it consumes the bucket though OR assign a villager to water collection.
  • Once you build a well, water collection under jobs should appear.

How to get a bucket for my water?

  • Use your hammer and go under the furniture tab. Once you’re there select woodcutter and make the workbench that will allow you to craft the buckets.
  • Build a woodworking hut, then building the woodworking station that inside which is under Furniture -> Production Furniture -> Woodworking Hut.

Hunting Tip:

  • Save Arrows while hunting Deer, one is enough, they are slowed soi you can hunt it down with a spear.
  • Boar activly atk. you so walk backwards and hit with a spear
  • Bunnys, traps, but why ?` why you want to hunt bunny ? seriously dont hunt bunnys!!!!

Housing Tip:

  • Standard House can have 2 Beds, tooltip state one… seems to be worng.

Trading Tips:

  • Bring your goods, Gras is good also dried. its a 100 Stack and worth 200, easy to get.
  • You can buy what ever you need, and for sure all the Traders do love to have grass like flies on a pile of ***.
  • Thats the new Money, Grass, Grass Grass, on the way to Iwasaki is a Huge Load of Grass, youll never need any money yourself. Bring Grass.

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