Sengoku Dynasty – Major Iron Mine Locations

A simple guide to iron locations I’ve found.

Locations of Major Iron Mines

Major Ore Locations

People have asked about iron quite often. You are guided by quest to the village of Iwasaki and one mine but where are others? Here are the main sources of iron outside of Iwasaki that I have found so far.

Near the watchtower you go to during the main quest after speaking to the onibaba:

Note: That’s my village so don’t get confused and start looking for buildings. Only the watchtower will be present in your game.

Map location: (look for the “You” marker)

To the west of this, under a watchtower special project site on the hill.

Map location: (look for the “You” marker)

In the southern lakes area:

Map location: (look for the “You” marker)

Exit to Iwasaki Mines:

Map Location:


Map Location:

Inside Enjiro Village:

Map Location:

South of Segi:

Map Location:

There are a few small caves near Enjiro with a couple iron deposits but nothing major.

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  1. There’s a cave with iron ores at the bandit village (NE of the watchtower there on the lowest level)that’s partly accessible until halfway through which is then blocked by a large stone deposit.

  2. theres also i believe an iron cave all the way up north near the singular road at the end near the parts where there is nothing, idk if its a major one but its definetly there, and all the way top right the small stone formation theres a cave that goes all the way into the cave from iwasaki, also by any chance do you know how to unlock the mining building or is that not in game yet

    • The northern cave is blocked by a large stone deposit and directly connects to Iwasaki so – no sence include it. Mining building is currently broken but should unlock at level 7 dynasty when you speak to the abbot. Unknown when that will be fixed.

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