Starfield – Default Companion Ammo Types

Default ammo types for default companion weapons.

Ammo List

Idk why it’s so hard to find out what ammo type each companion is using if you accidentally looted it along with all the other stuff you put in their inventory without a second thought.

NameDefault AmmoDefault Weapon
Vasco3kv lzr cartridgeEquinox laser rifle
Sarah Morgan1.5kv lzr cartridgeSolstice laser pistol
Barrett7.77mm CaselessEon pistol
Sam Coe.50 Caliber CaselessLawgiver rifle
AndrejaHeavy Particle FuseInflictor particle beam riffle
Lin.27 CaliberSidestar pistol
Marika Boros15×25 CLL Shotgun ShellBreach shotgun
Gideon Aker7.77mm CaselessBeowulf rifle
Simeon Bankowski.50 Caliber CaselessHard Target rifle
Rosie Tannehill.27 CaliberRattler pistol
Omari Hassan.27 CaliberRattler pistol
Mickey Caviar.43 UltraMagUrban Eagle pistol
Adoring Fan.27 CaliberSidestar pistol

Reminder that you only have to give your companions 1 ammo item to make it work (you can’t loot the default weapon, so you only have to provide them with the ammo).


  1. Huh, I thought Sarah default ammo was the same as Vasco’s, also when I gave her and Vasco some Equinox weapons without equipping them, and when I moved any weapon back to my inventory, they automatically equipped that Equinox weapon, and if I unequipped that weapon Sarah was then just using her fists, tried it multiple times. So their default weapon can be erased and make them fists only. Dunno about Vasco, haven’t messed with him that much.

  2. What kind of logic do they use to choose a weapon if I give them several? I mean, I dont want them to do anything stupid if I dont micromanage their weapons but I want them to change according to range and weapon quality.

  3. You can give them a different weapon and ammo for it. Equip it for them from the trading screen. Seems they are not using that ammo either.

    • And this is why it says “default” multiple times. You can see the custom weapon you gave, but for example Vasco can’t use custom weapons, only the built-in default weapon it has, and you can’t see what it is. I spent a lot of time trying to search for this info and it seems no one has mentioned it anywhere, so it may be useful for people who accidentally looted their companion and can’t figure out what ammo to give them back.

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