Wartales – Useful Tips & Tricks for New Players

This guide will showing some tips and tricks to make mercenary life more easy.

Beginners Tips and Tricks

Here is a list of useful tips & tricks to hopefully make your journey last a little bit longer:

  • When starting a new game, be sure to check out all of your companions and see if they have good starting skills and traits. These are randomly generated so everytime you start a new game, you have new dudes with different skills and traits. For instance, if you have a Swordsman who you want to be a tank, make sure he has the taunt skill so he can actually act like a tank.
  • Don’t forget about profession bonuses. Initially you start with only the tinkerer profession which every dude in your company can learn and earn a +2% crit chance. Later you will find more professions, each with their own bonus and you can always swap out professions but do mind that when unlearning an profession, you will lose all it’s progress.
  • Only spend valour points on difficult battles so for instance, when fighting a boss or big group of enemies. You can gain valour points by resting or by using different skills.
  • Keep you folks happy and well fed. Always have some beer and food in your inventory so you won’t have angry people in your company who could actually leave if they are unhappy for too long.
  • Use your workbench in your camp! You can craft all kinds of stuff with it which can improve camping life or craft lockpicks which you can use to rob this whole world blind.
  • Valour point may be gain in temporary fashion with early perk for each class. Keeping in mind which character got which valour gain may give you tons of disposable points to diminish armor loss. Plus the captain may give a single low-to-high valour gain once per battle. Free of charge. These are to be used as much as possible.
  • Smithing is key or really strong at worst. Loot is scarce, and not often very balanced (never looted a good dagger so far). It’ll need knowledge point, but as long as you success the minigame, you can craft good quality gears.


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