Shadow Tactics: Aiko’s Choice – Ultimate Mission Badge Guide

This guide contains minor spoilers for the missions and is intended for those who would like to know what the badges for each mission are without having to complete them first.

Guide to Mission Badges


As per the main game, each main mission has 3 main badges and 6 miscellaneous badges, of which 1 will always be completing the mission on Hardcore difficulty, and 1 will always be a speedrun – completing the mission under a certain time.

You can make as many saves as you want during the speedrun. Players of the main game might know this, but quickloading will not rewind the timer if you make a mistake, however, if you quit to the main menu and manually load your save, the timer will be reset.

The short interlude missions 2, 4, and 6 do not contain any badges.

Mission 1 – Nagoya City

Main Badges

  • Don’t use Mugen’s Sword Wind while in the safe house.
  • Don’t use Mugen’s sake.
  • Don’t use a disguise.

Misc. Badges

  • Get the disguise at the estate.
  • Get the disguise at the inn.
  • Kill 5 enemies at the same time with Mugen’s Sword Wind.
  • Don’t kill anyone between exiting the safe house and regrouping on the roofs.
  • Complete the mission on Hardcore difficulty
  • Speedrun: complete the mission under 20:00 minutes.

Mission 3 – Toba Coastline

Main Badges

  • On Tree Island, kill all enemies except the Samurai with Takuma, without raising the alarm.
  • On Shrine Island, destroy the crate without killing or knocking out enemies or raising the alarm.
  • Don’t use Yuki’s whistle.

Misc. Badges

  • Destroy 4 crates within a short time frame.
  • Don’t kill or knock out the captain.
  • Kill 3 guards with exploding crates.
  • Kill all samurai.
  • Complete the mission on Hardcore difficulty.
  • Speedrun: complete the mission under 30:00 minutes.

Mission 5 – Hana Gakuen

Main Badges

  • Kill Lady Chiyo with explosive powder.
  • Kill Lady Chiyo with poison gas.
  • Don’t use any of Mugen’s skills.

Misc. Badges

  • Kill 15 enemies with traps or falling objects.
  • Don’t jump.
  • Don’t kill anyone besides Lady Chiyo at the shrine or the theater.
  • Kill Lady Chiyo without using explosive powder or poison gas.
  • Complete the mission on Hardcore difficulty.
  • Speedrun: complete the mission under 30:00 minutes.


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