Shadows of Doubt – Broken Hearts: a Guide to Infidelity

Infidelity Guide


Welcome detective, grab your camera and sleuthing skills and come with me on a journey through heartbreak. Today we’re talking about cheaters and liars. Head down to your nearest bar and pick up your case, follow through and you’re on your way to sad sights.

Only things you’ll seem to need in this side job are a camera and you. These jobs can be quite easy once you know what to do and they can score you some good crows and maybe even a sync-disk while you’re at it. Here’s a list of your objectives during your side case.

  • Identify the person the spouse is cheating with
  • Get a picture of the person the spouse is cheating with (Optional)
  • Gather evidence of infidelity (Optional)
  • Where does the person the spouse is cheating with live (Optional)
  • Cause Cr[xxx] of vandalism in the home of the perp by [x] (Optional)

Now you have your objectives let’s tackle them one by one. Remember that your contact will give you access to their home with a guest pass so this is the first place you should go.


Actually rather easy to do if you’ve been skulking around long enough. Seasoned detectives will know just what to do. As stated before go on and check out the contacts home which the spouse will usually be in unless they’re at work or somewhere else. Sometimes you may even catch the person here but it may be rare as I have never personally seen them though some account to having seen such things.

If your targeted individual is at the home this can lead to multiple steps being filled out all at once which will be talked about further in their sections.

First up, prints. Check out some things like doors and items of interest when it comes to cheating. Make sure you also have the prints of both your contact and spouse so you don’t get them confused with anyone else’s.

Check around for crumpled notes, flowers, or other things of the sort. If you find something like this that has initials you’re heading in the right direction. These will also be used later in the guide so make sure to pin them to your board.

A place to check that I’ve seen consistent is crunchers. Head to the resident cruncher and take a gander at the spouse’s V-Mails as there is a chance to catch something devious brewing there. If so you’ll already have a full name to work with.

If you didn’t get a full name and are stuck with just initials check the resident address book and look for any matching names. You may also find them in the calendar as a birthday. I would also check the building’s resident files and perhaps even the coworkers of the spouse if all else fails. Eventually you should come up with a name that fits the bill. Go line up those characters in the government database and get your offender.

Getting a picture of your perp won’t be hard now you know who they are and neither will be figuring out where they live if you searched them up in the government database. Head to their home, place of work, or if you happened across them in the contact’s home you can get the picture there. Easy work. Snap and pin it, be done with it. Photographs might also come in handy in a future section coming up.


This might be the section most detectives are looking for which is kinda why I made this guide. Evidence can be a lot of things but it also may be unclear what counts as evidence. Well we’ve actually already talked about several pieces of evidence that can be used from the case board.

  • Crumpled notes (Love letters, Poems, ect…)
  • Flowers
  • V-Mails
  • Images of the two together (Unsure, have not tried).

Use any of these pieces of evidence that you likely gathered to find the guy in the first place and those extra crows are yours. The evidence as it turns out can be pretty ambiguous at times but as long as it shows things like initials or names with romantic cues between the two it should work as evidence. I have not tried take pictures of the two together while tailing them and trying that as evidence yet but I will and will update the guide to remove this tidbit with conformation that it does work.


This works like your average vandalism job. You’ll get some extra crows here for your efforts as well so it’s worth it if you’re struggling for a little more. You’ll always be asked to trash the home of the person the spouse is cheating with but it may vary. I’ve only seen two types so far but there may be more.

Cause damage with trash (Grab a trash bag from outside and slam it against the ground a few times.)
Cause damage with windows (Throw stuff out the windows or smash them with your bare hands/weapons.).

If you’ve been on the streets taking side cases for a while you’ll already know what to do to get your extra payment. It might be a little dirty and underhanded but you already took on this bitter case anyways and crows are crows after all.

End of Guide

Thanks for reading up here detective be it for a refresher, particular information, or if you’re a greenhorn trying to get an edge. I’ll be crediting any additional information given to me to put into the guide to make it better. If you’re here though why not check out my previous guide as well, Murder Case Killers where we talk about how to catch your favorite kinds of killers.

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