Shadows Over Loathing – Guide to Cats and Their Boons

The locations, requirements to pet, and boons granted from petting each cat in the game.

Cats and Their Boons

Prologue Cat

Your Name

  • +1 Moxie, Mysticality, and Muscle

This cat always has your name (I believe), and appears in the dreamspace after you go to bed after you find them in the prologue.

In order to find this cat you need to either:

  • Get the “Acquisitive Nature” Perk by choosing “Just seeking my fortune” at the diner, then “Having lots of stuff.”
  • Interact with the toilet in Farmer Chekov’s house while having the fishing rod equipped, then equip the old fishing shorts. (You can find the rod in his barn on the left side.)

After doing this, go to the backyard of the house and interact with the first gap in the fence on the right side. The cat will run “in the direction of the barn,” but won’t actually enter. Instead go to the boxcar and exit through the back. To the right of the tree with the heart on it is where the cat is hiding now. Next go back to the barn, and the cat is hiding on its left side. You can then finally find them in the Filling Station and pet them.

Ocean City Cats


  • +1 Physical Armor

Calliope can be found in Murray’s Place on Plunkett Street. In order to pet her you need to but some government-issued sardines from the Cola Wars Surplus next door for 15 Meat then give them to her.


  • +1 Mysticality

Ishmael is the cat in Durch’s House on the bottom right. You need to complete the Urn quest you can get at St. Polycarp’s Cathedral up until you replace the urn, then talk to the guy in the hidden room. Once you finish the dialogue you should be able to pet Ishmael.

Crystaldream Lake Cats


  • +3 Hot Armor

Hecate can be found in the first building in the Sandwich Museum You need to buy some sandwich cream from the shopkeeper to put in her bowl to pet her.


  • +1 Moxie

Dottie is inside the Pet Store. In order to pet her you need to go to the Hardware Store and ask about the outhouse rentals. When asked where you want it, say the Pet Store. Return to the Pet Store, use the outhouse, then walk inside. You need 4 Moxie to disarm the mouse trap in the back-left corner without alerting Grady. Once that’s done, return to the present and Dottie will let you pet her.

S.I.T. Campus, Porkham Cats


  • +1 Muscle

Spring is at Phi Upsilon Tau (the middle of the three fraternities) in the backyard. You need 5 Moxie in order to pet hi, but only the first time you do so.


  • +3 Sleaze Armor

Go to the Vector Wing, then through the door to the Barbecue Wing, then into Steam Tunnel Access and down the ladder. Head right and enter the fourth door. If you’ve already unlocked Rufus’ Lab, you can just use the map to get there instead.

Talk to Rufus and agree to do the side quest. Exit his lab and head two doors to the right and enter. Open the manhole, go down, enter the hole in the wall to find Stinky. You need 5 Stench Armor in order to pet him, but only the first time you do so.

Written by He Was A MOOG!


  1. there’s a cat you get in the prologue either by having the good eyesight perk, or getting the fishy trousers from elias’ house and then chasing it until you get to pet it in the abandoned gas station

    • I believe the prologue cat is with the good eyesight AND the fishy trousers (equip fishing rod, fish in the toilet). After chasing down the cat and petting it in the gas station…you get the boon after petting it again in the class-choosing dream.

      • You don’t need the good eyesight but you need the fishy trousers to be able to start hearing the cat.

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