Shadows Over Loathing – Fuel Reserves Achievement Walkthrough

This guide will “guide” you on the proper route to achieve a completely full gas can and earn the “Fuel Reserves” achievement.

How to Obtain Fuel Reserves Achievement

The Diner

After you have removed the magazine from your face and stepped out of the bathroom ready to face the world, talking to the woman behind the counter provides a myriad of choices that will eventually instill you with a perk to start your adventure with.

In order to focus only on the achievement, we are going to pick specific options. When asked why YOU are on this trip, choose

“I got in some trouble back home”

And when she pressed for specifics, you will choose.

I started a fire in a mailbox

Now that you have made her wary of your psychotic nature, you can walk away with a perk that adds +1 dmg to any magical weapon you wield. There is nothing else in the diner related to the achievement so proceed to exit and get on your bus until it’s eventual breakdown.

The Gas Station

The driver has given you a mission of filling the gas can. But you…your gonna extra fill it just to spite him. First, however, we need to get a feel of our surroundings.

Start by heading to the left and stopping at the first building, the gas station, and head inside. On the snack shelf is a Cheez Loaf, there is meat in the register, and a baseball bat against the wall. Grab all 3 of these and then attempt to enter the backrooms and convince your inner voice that you worked here. Once in the back, search the third shelf for your employee file and 5 XP.

Head into the garage and check the fuse box on the left to notice its fuse is broken. Head back into the hallway and check the 2nd shelf for a replacement fuse. You can then replace the broken one and use the switch next to the door to lower the car and siphon some gas from it.

Elias House

Continue down the Road and stop by the Elias house and head inside. After some brief conversation, talk to him again to obtain the barn key. Proceed to rummage through his entire living room and obsessively ask him about everything. In particular, you want to obtain the Pears by asking about the bears box, haunted duck call next to the left-most door, ask about the 2nd door in which he warns about a dust devil, the 3rd door which leads to the bathroom, and a box labeled class rings.

Head inside the 3rd door which leads to the bathroom and flush the toilet for 5 XP. Leave the bathroom and skip the 2nd door and head out back towards the barn. Head inside the barn and to the right to begin a fight with Elias’ daughter’s robot. Defeat it for 5 XP and the gas that lie behind it.

Train Car (& Friend)

Head further down the road and be sure to help the turtle!

Once you come to the train car, head inside and find a hobo on the right and a gas can on the left. Talk to the hobo and agree to take some of his jerky. Then head left to obtain the last bit of gas that the driver wanted you to obtain.

The Pettiness

We don’t want to bring him a full gas can. No, we want to go above and beyond to be petty for whatever reason you decide. It’s time to start the long convoluted path of revenge. This is where you start going after the achievement.

Still in the train car, Rummage the lowest section of filth for a class ring, Then proceed to eat the jerky to increase your muscle by 1 as well as spend 15 XP to increase your muscle again. with 3 muscle, your ready to easily open the big door in the car.

Щnce out back, ignore the bull and go to the makeshift kitchen. Interact with the stove to get a Grimy Spatula and the fridge to get some extra gas. you may then move left and beat the tar out of the bull to obtain 5 XP and some gas on the car behind him.

Proceed to leave the train car and run all the way back to the bus to collect your new pet turtle. immediately equip him as he is a healer and needed to tank the final boss.

Head to Elias house and tell him about the ring you found. Let him have it for free to get 5 XP. Head out back and head to the right and take the rusty pistol form the clotheslines. Continue to the right to battle the gun-toting scarecrow. Defeat the scarecrow to get 5 XP, then grab the gas behind him on the tractor. Don’t run away yet! Step away form the tractor and back on it to start pretending your a farmer. Pretend a few times to earn yet another 5 XP. Satisfied, head into the barn and to the locker straight and to the left to obtain another bit of gas.

It’s time to stop being a muscle head. Spend 15 XP to add +1 moxie as well as eating the Cheez Loaf to get another +1 moxie. Go to the workbench on the right side of the barn to obtain some welding gloves. Equip them and head to the train car. Your gloves will allow you to obtain the crowbar from the barrel. You can also interact with the knapsack by the hobo and open it with your 3 moxie to obtain a little silver key.

With that finished, we can stop being moxie. Equip the Grimy Spatula and eat the pears for +1 Mysticality then head to Elias’ house. Head into the 2nd door where the dust devil resides and notice the black spot on the floor to the right. You can use the crowbar to pry open the ground and go down into the basement.

Once you fall down, build the ladder then interact with the shelves on the left to obtain the gross vegetables (very important!). You are now ready to take on the spiders. The “More dangerous blind spider” is more dangerous. Take it out immediately by throwing a rock at it then wacking it with your spatula. Do the same thing next turn to kill the other spider and obtain 5 XP.

Time for the final boss, the dust devil. Initiate the fight and lick your wounds after he inflicts bleed. Throw gross vegetables on him to cripple his damage. Then throw a rock at him and wack him with your spatula. Your new pet turtle will heal you for 1 HP and save your life from bleeding. Throw another rock and hit the devil with your spatula to defeat it for 5 XP.

Spend your hard earned XP on +1 mysticality so that you have 3 altogether and proceed to the gas station. Inside the back rooms, you can use the little silver key on the table to the left to obtain a gas pump hose. Proceed to the garage and interact with the generator just south of you to siphon some gas from it. Leave the gas station and head to the left most pump. With your newly obtained hose, you can attach it and siphon the last bit of gas inside.

If you followed this guide, you should now have 300 percent full gas can and will earn the “Fuel Reserves” achievement.

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    • Lick wounds? Figure of speech.

      If I understand the turn sequence correctly the Dust Devil stabs you first for bleed damage. When it comes to the turtle’s turn you haven’t actually bleed yet, so he can’t heal you. Your turn ends, you bleed, and then things start again.

      The Devil hits you again and if I have the maths correct you need the +1 heal and to use the debuff in order to end the next attack by the Devil with 1 HP.

      Then you twat him and win. I think 🙂

      The healing by the turtle is automatic, but you need to have taken HP loss for it to happen. The first round is bleed damage which hasn’t happened yet when the turtle acts.

      Assume this is a deliberately designed sequence to actually make you think on how you do this fight.

  1. I can’t get the XP from pretending to be a farmer on the tracor. Anyone know what could cause that? I interacted with it right after the scarecrow, then tried leaving the area and coming back and it still won’t give the XP. I can’t get all the skills because I’m 5 points short. 🙁

    • ONe of the perks you can get when speaking to the lady at the diner (the Voyage of Self Discovery one) apparently keeps you from pretending to be a farmer, at least according to the character creation guide here.

    • Yeah, but it doesn’t seem to appear until you do some stuff around the area. For me it was after I gave Chekov the class ring. Honestly, I might be random when it appears.

  2. I found the cat after getting good eyesight. I didn’t give Chekov the class ring or earn all possible xp. Not sure if anything else happened that I missed, though.

  3. The cat seems to show up after killing the scarecrow and horsing around on the tractor.

    To make it clear, you need to hug the right fence in the backyard of chekov near the scarecrow and a prompt should pop up somehwere along the length of the fence as you walk back and fowards around it

  4. I figured out how to make the cat appear!

    You need to pick up the fishing rod in the barn, then fish in Elias’ toilet for the shorts. Put the fishy shorts on! Then, you will find the cat along the right side of the fence behind the barn. After that, it’ll be in the woods behind the rail car. Then, it’ll be on the fence on the left side of the barn. And finally, you can then pet it inside the diner!

    • An addition to the above…after you interact with it at the fence on the left side of the barn, you must pet it inside the gas station/store, for it to show up at the diner. You don’t get the buff immediately, but it will be unlocked for future playthroughs, at the diner.

  5. I learned you can dip your bat if you have it equipped into the barrel of grease in the cellar to change it to Sleaze element, Haven’t found any others yet

  6. The silver key to the desk in the gas station backroom is in the knapsack next to the hobo. You have to level it up to 3 and then use the item to buff it +1. Once you open the desk in the gas station you get the extra hose. Unfortunately for me I only got to 266/300.

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