Shadows Over Loathing – Hobo Camp Completion Guide

Here is the complete all hobo locations guide.

All The Hobo Locations with Requirements


There’s not too much to say here – this is a guide chronicling hobo locations. The locations themselves will be sorted by chapter.

Important to note: This guide will have spoilers for the game, as I can’t describe where the hobos hang out without spoiling stuff!



Your first hobo! While you’re looking for gas, he’ll be all the way to the left, playing his harmonica in an abandoned boxcar. Chat with him for a bit and he’ll eventually join up at the hobo camp! Once you can learn code, just ask him about it – he’ll give you his code for free.


As soon as you get off the bus, walk all the way to the left of the area and you’ll meet Gus on a bench – he’ll ask for 2 meat, and paying him will have him eventually join the hobo camp. Also provides his hobo code to all who asks.

Chapter 1

Shemp Sanford:

This guy can be encountered through a random event while wandering or exploring the map – hand the man 7 mean to buy some dubious quality caviar and you’re good to go (Note: While this random event counts as being nice to the hobos, this guy won’t join the camp).

Letters McCabe:

Taking up residence in the cryptography boxcar, Letters will teach you the basics of hobo code! Interacting with him will unlock the ability to ask all other hobos you meet for code (Grants you the Hobo Literacy perk, allowing you to read hobo code scrawled on things).

Johnny (Hobo KIng):

At the camp by default, he’s the guy with the crown! In order to learn his code, you’ll need a mainstat of 3 and the special bewitching/bragging/trickery skill for your respective class.


A member of the camp by default, she’s wearing a large floral hat, warming herself at the rightmost burning barrel. No special stuff is required to get her hobo code.


Another hobo who starts off at the camp, he’s the fella playing the washboard near the shuteye car. Simply speak to him to learn his code.

Fifty-Two Teeth Thompson (52):

The last of the base hobos, he’s playing his piano in the grub car! No requirements for his hobo code.


She can be found at the boardwalk, propping herself up against the first lamppost. Give her 5 meat and she’ll wander over to the camp, where she’ll teach you her hobo code for free.


Find him at Goldthwait park, oboe-ing away next to the fountain. Pay him 50 meat and you can ask him to relocate to the camp, where he’ll teach you hobo code and join you as a companion if you so desire.


Found at Hiram’s grocery, this mumbly man requests a paltry 10 meat for taxi fare – after receiving it, he heads over to the camp where he’ll teach you his hobo code.

Chapter 2

Creamy Steve:

Spoilers for the sandwich museum puzzle: At the Museum, use the time-traveling outhouse to go back in time, and deface the “NO VAGRANTS” sign on the gazebo. Upon returning to the present. Creamy Steve will be chilling there! Ask him about his code and then send him off to the hobo camp.


Found in the junkyard, Beanie will be attempting to lug a massive stove around. With 5 muscle, you can give him a hand and he’ll gladly join the hobo camp!


Located at Beppo’s hole, this unfortunate soul has been fully cocooned in spiderwebs – free him and he’ll gladly teach you some hobo code and join you.

Chapter 3

Something worth noting:

Found outside Fission Chips, there’s a hobo selling pencils. For whatever reason, this guy knows no hobo code and cannot be recruited! However, he will teach you hobo code if you give him a S.I.T. coffee mug (purchased from the gift shop).

Calendula Crabtree:

Within the incredibly messy frat house (Zeta Omega Omicron), there’s a hobo manning a still! Ask her for her code, pay her 87 meat, then tell her about the camp and she’ll take up residence!


Underneath the bridge, translate the hobo code then stroll over to the leftwards pillar! You’ll meet a new hobo, who will gladly teach you his code and relocate. Make sure to ask him about fishing first for an additional perk!


This is a bit more complex than the others! First, encounter Ovid as a random event while traveling, which will unlock “Ovid’s Store” on your map. Then, send hobos to the hobo camp until the Hobo King asks you to do him a favor – he’ll hand you a royal summons, and ask you to deliver it to some hobo who had amassed a lot of beds. Head down to Ovid’s store, then show him the royal summons and he’ll relocate his shop to the camp (It’s worth noting that you can ask him for his code as soon as his shop is unlocked, though.).

Chapter 4

Pepperidge Dauphin:

Living in the Slanted Boxcar, Pepperidge asks that you return to his old home (Dauphin House) and retrieve 11 padlocks for him, as they carry sentimental value for him. Explore the Dauphin place, checking every nook and cranny (hint: use the radio in each room, once you get it) until you’ve found all 11 locks. Then, just bring the locks back and Pepperidge will move into the camp! If you hate hunting down all 11 of those keys, you can also (spoilers for the end of Chapter 4) before you uncurse it, use the cursed key to open all the locks. Fair warning, using the cursed key like that might permanently curse you or something! I’m not sure but i would avoid that method unless you’re cool with potential curses.


Wander until you find the Monster Shack, then talk to the kid eating fertilizer. He’ll ask you to collect moss from the Mossman, and will direct you to Mossrock Grotto. Once there, be friendly with mister Mossman, then pass a 6 mysticality check and he’ll join the camp!


Located in the Gatorman Hamlet. talk to this guy and bring him a weapon with 7 base power to convince him to join your camp!

Chapter 5


At McMgilligancuddy’s farm, finish clearing out all the ducks then speak to the hobo-faced sheep to learn her code and recruit her!


Within the corn maze behind Drexel Stead, talk to Cornelius then use your persuasion skill + 7 mainstat to recruit him!

Croesus Vanderbilt:

Clear out the vampires from the Black Gold Mine and this well-hidden hobo will join your cause (as well as teaching you some code).


To my knowledge, there’s no hobos here. Keep in mind, to actually get the achievement you’ll need to speak to the Hobo King after recruiting everyone. Additionally, having too much shadow taint (i believe level 3) will cause all hobos to completely ignore you.

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