Silica – Human Units Guide

A guide covering the human units that are currently in the game.

Guide to Human Units


Human units are ‘produced.’ The units available will be directly dependent on which structures have been built for the given side. A building that, when placed, produces light vehicles may later also produce slightly heavier vehicles if a relevant upgrade building has been built. There is no disconnected tech tree as such, but rather it’s directly linked with what’s available. That means that destroying an upgraded building will render a team unable to further produce that unit.

All Human Units


As large as a building and heavily armored, the Harvester has only one purpose – harvest Balterium in a combat environment. It has a very light armament, relying on support units to defend it while on mission, though its giant, bucket-wheel excavator and colossal wheels make short work of units unlucky enough to get in its way.


Fast, foot-based units in the human arsenal, Scout infantry are equipped with a standard issue combat weapon, but they aren’t heavily armored. This makes them ideal for searching the area and allows them better concealment in the environment. They are, however, unsuited for engaging vehicles and heavier infantry.


Equipped with standard armor and an assault rifle, Riflemen are a versatile foot-based unit suited for the majority of combat operations, even those involving lighter vehicles. They are, however, susceptible to swarm attacks, lacking the speed to move away quickly.


Armed with a quad-barrel rocket launcher, these heavily armored soldiers are equipped for serious combat, dealing damage to vehicles with even medium armor. Their own armored exoskeleton allows them greater speed than would be expected and protects them from incoming fire.


These stealthy sharpshooters are perfect for ambushing unsuspecting targets from afar. Their Balterium sniper rifle deals ample damage, although they’re geared up with only basic armor. Due to their lack of heavier equipment and the fact that they ideally work alone, this unit must rely on cover for safety.


These elite soldiers aren’t to be messed with. Wielding a brutal Balterium rifle that punctures even the heaviest of armor, their own protective gear ensures they can take a beating. Ideally deployed among a troop of other soldiers, these skilled warriors are more than capable of holding their own even when isolated.

Light Quad

This versatile 4×4 is well suited for the sandy wastes and rocky terrain, flanking opposing forces with ease. It has little trouble dealing with infantry, though it’s not designed to deal with heavier targets such as tanks. Due to their speed, these vehicles make great reconnaissance units, covering a large area in a short amount of time.

Armed Transport

A vehicle armed with a grenade launcher and machine gun, this nimble transport is designed to carry a troop of infantry into the battlefield, easily making its way through the vast dunes. Its medium armor provides an acceptable level of protection.

Heavy Quad

A step up from the Light Quad, this heavy truck is designed to take a beating. The heavier armor protects the crew from even heavier projectiles, not to mention melee attacks by the local wildlife. The vehicle is best suited for seek-and-destroy missions against lighter vehicles and infantry but may also serve as Harvester protection.

Light Armored Car

A 30mm cannon, combined with medium armor and solid speed, make this assault vehicle perfectly suited for flanking heavier targets. Its rugged design makes it capable of taking a decent level of punishment in the dunes, with the smaller creatures and medium vehicles posing little threat.

Heavy Armored Car

With a larger cannon and a heavier machine gun turret, this heavy assault vehicle is capable of engaging even the largest of targets. The top-mounted machine gun turret easily deals with smaller threats along the way, making it a well-rounded vehicle overall. Its only downside is a lack of heavy armor, sacrificed for speed, making it vulnerable to heavier units.

Hover Tank

Instead of focusing on improving the drivetrain with conventional technology, engineers preferred to levitate this vehicle entirely on thrusters. This allows it to overcome almost any obstacle and permits it to jump, making it a nimble combat unit for both offense and defense. Its ample firepower deals with heavy units and structures, though its thrusters make it visible at range.

Rocket Launcher

Armed with a set of four launch tubes, this mobile rocket artillery battery deals catastrophic damage with each impact, disposing of entire infantry platoons and reducing structures to rubble. Even heavily armored units rarely withstand the onslaught of its barrage. However, its medium armor combined with a minimum attack distance leaves it exposed to counter-attacks.

Railgun Tank

Wielding a devastating railgun, this tank is designed to punch through heavy vehicles and structures alike and is well suited to a rugged combat environment. Ideal for offense, it effortlessly disposes of infantry and heavy vehicles alike. It is, however, unwieldy, making it exposed to aerial assault. Its thrusters make it very visible at range.

Siege Tank

When spotted on the battlefield, this tank evokes a sense of dread. Its extremely powerful Balterium plasma cannon blasts through practically every material, severely crippling even the hardiest of infrastructure. Impervious to almost any attack, slow and cumbersome, an enemy unit’s best bet is to simply flee.

Pulse Tank

This assault vehicle utilizes field-pulse technology to project a devastating wall of energy, easily disposing of troops, crumbling infrastructure, and eliminating armored targets alike. However, its major downside is the very limited range of its attack, leaving it exposed to ranged assault.

And these are all the units and vehicles that will be available for both human factions (the people of Sol and the determined Centauri).

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