Skul: The Hero Slayer – Secrets Black Quartz Gem and Where to Find Them

Where and how to get secrets black quartz gem.


You can get it at any shop on any stages.

First we need to feed the cat using machine near food stale to call her from spot.

While she run to eat you must go on her previos spot, there is pit to our goal.

If you failed to outrun cat, you always can restart the game because save is on rooms beginning.

The Forest of Harmony

We have two quarts here.

  • 1) Room with Spider Lady after miniboss fight.

There is hidden mushroom that let you jump to place with quarts.

Stay on spot and press “jump+down” to fall on mushroom.

  • 2) After fight with boss right in front of door to next location.

You need to jump on shadow to open the pessage.

Grand Hall

Room with boss door, go to right and start beating the wall.

Thats opening our path to quarts.

Fortress of Fate

I was not sure where to place Spider Lady room, so 2 last goes to 4th location.

  • 1) Room of Spider Lady after boss of 3th location (The Black Lab).

Go to left until change of screen.

  • 2) Room of miniboss.

Jump in hole and dive to the right.

Written by Kirillich


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