DREDGE – Secret Ending Guide

In this guide, I will explain how to get the secret ending to Dredge, which comes with an achievement.

How to Get the Secret Ending and Sated Achievement


To get the secret ending, first get to the point where you can get to the regular ending. When speaking with the collector, instead choose the dialogue tree asking where he got the book.

When you complete this tree, you should have the book in your possession. However, do not choose the “I’m ready” option.

Instead, leave Blackstone and head back to Greater Marrow. Speak to the lighthouse keeper and she should have new dialogue. Tell her when you are ready and then follow her directions. Sail to where the light is shining and THROW IT BACK.

This will get you the secret ending as well as the achievement “Sated”

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  1. yeah i noticed that, just completed it also. Leaves a bad taste when the ending suddenly do a 180 out of nowhere. Reminded me of that shitty conclusion of some other game series called the last journey

  2. Both endings really fit the Lovecraftian style of the game honestly, neither have a happy ending for either the world or the main character, they did a Good job in that regard, they could have easily made a truly happy ending but I feel that would go against the genre

  3. I don’t think the mayor’s location is the same in every game, see seems to show up at any one of the abandoned campsites you can find once the conditions are met. I stopped at one I was sure I’d visited before just to spend the night and suddenly he was there.

  4. There’s actually a slightly different ending too I believe. If you break the mirror, talk to the lighthouse keeper but not going forward with her, and then go back to Blackstone and still go forward with the collector, I think the dialogue is slightly changed to reflect it’s you.

  5. The map from starlight reef leads to a treasure chest west of the starlight reef fisher platform – it’s a chest floating on a chain from the depths

  6. you’d think thats gonna be a better ending but seen that one after the other made me say “for fucks sake was that necessary ?” Maybe there is a third one. I’ve found a tablet on devil island, it started a collection quest when took to the guy who buy treasure. Theres a place where you can seemingly place put a slate, leading up to an abandoned lighthouse on devil island

  7. i think it requires you to talk to the old mayor (at an island to the south) & then the lighthouse keeper before the dialogue option of where he got the book appears

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