My Time at Sandrock – How to Get More Stamina

Too much day left and no stamina? This is some of the many things to do…

Tips to Get More Stamina


In the early days running out of Stamina is a constant problem.

If you don’t want to sleep to refresh then either get more or do activities that don’t require stamina.

Get More Stamina

  • Sit down.
  • There are seats, benches and chairs around town that can be used.
  • Slow regeneration.
  • Buy meals from the Blue Moon Saloon menu or shop.
  • Instant regeneration but can get expensive.
  • There are various plants that can be harvested. Eg Cacti fruit
  • Use the Food rack to dry meat to jerky etc.
  • Grow your own food.
  • Buy or craft furniture, place in workshop.
  • Have a look at the items info for further details.
  • Buy or craft personal items to wear.
  • Clothes, weapons etc.

Stamina Free Activities

  • Chase and break Tumbleweeds.
  • Get resources and have some fun.
  • Use the feather duster to clean your machines so they keep running.
  • Review water tank levels and buy more or collect it as needed.
  • Sort out your inventory, name the storage chests.
  • Explore and get familiar with the map.
  • Chat to everyone you meet and give them a gift.
  • Collect some manure from the Yakmel areas.
  • Clean up the rash around town.

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