Songs of Conquest – How to Defeat Doctor Marjatta

This guide contains some advices that will help you to beat Doctor Marjatta.

Guide to Defeat Doctor Marjatta


This wielder is insane. Constantly smashing my troops with the best destruction/creation/arcana magic.

I finally beat it after 3 tries and like 6+ hours. Doctor M never stops coming from their massive base through the portals. It’s 2 turns before they’re back in your face. I let them clear the path to the glimmerweave mine and only used the turtle wielder because he has better magic skills and magic resist. This helped a ton. Then I stacked the ravagers, shamans, lil froggies and giant turtles. Eventually I was able to fend her off with losing only a few troops.

Because the map is all portals I had no idea I could get to the dragon egg without taking their base. But by the time I realized that I had already destroyed Dr M. But again with them invading every 2 turns there was really only two ways to beat this map.

  1. Use turtle to defend constantly while frog wielder gets egg. Which probably takes longer or unlikely unless you know the map inside and out or…
  2. Use turtle hero to eventually destroy Dr M. settlement and then chill and stomp your way to the egg.

I just didn’t find the mission very fun overall as there wasn’t really much flexibility in how to win. Maybe it’s because I’m so used to playing HOMM. But if you didn’t use the turtle hero to fend off the boss and didn’t stack ravagers and ranged units then I bet there is no way you can win.

This seems like a game where you have to counter whatever your enemies strategy is but I’m not sure that’s something you can just change on the fly once you’ve committed to it for 20-40 turns.


Here’s the thing, just don’t fight him, bounce through portals and get the dragon egg. You then have a free army of dragons to kill the main enemy. If you do happen to aggro him, it is possible to confuse the a.i. into taking a longer path, or if you move far away enough they might start attacking your town instead.

Yep, dont fight him…Its not hard to kill, but he will come back in 3 turns with 200 rats and 80 toxicologist. Its scripted sadly. Just build big army to win all fights up to the egg and then push.


    • There is sa bug there.Reload before the fight with Undead legions and move both ur heroes near the egg before u pick it up,then it goes fine.Then u will be near the portal after cutscene not blocked by fire.

  1. Hi, how did you get the egg? I can’t cross the flames next to it. I thought I had to find the second purple portal to get on the other side, but it’s not anywhere on the map. Thanks

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