Songs of Conquest – Tips for First Campaign Phase 3

First Campaign Phase 3 Tips

In shorts

You need to get the second settlement in the bottom ASAP to produce enough units to make that fight easier. The first big fight comes at turn 23+ so you have enough time to prepare.

In details

I don’t feel I did anything super special and defeated this map on the first try, but here’s a quick rundown of how it went:

  1. I specialized the second weilder as a scout + mover, and had him running around picking stuff up while Cecelia Mostly fought.
  2. Grab towns when you see them.
  3. Focus on ranged units and knights. IIRC my army was something like 40 upgraded rangers, 10 upgraded knights, 50 or 65 sappers, and maybe some of the footmen, don’t recall.
  4. In the fight the ‘swap two units within 3’ of each other spell was very strong as it would often let me shoot, or force things within range of the knights Zone of Control.
  5. Invisibility spell let’s a unit move without provoking Zone of Control.

Many of these fights I did in two parts – they would come in and smack a city, and the city defense battle would wittle away a bit of their troops, and then I’d counter attack. Flushing out some of the little faey dudes helped a bit.

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