Sons Of The Forest – How to Get Chainsaw (with No Keycard or Anything Needed)

A quick guide to getting the chainsaw, makes chopping trees much quicker, but requires batteries, but with the save and reload loot respawn glitch it shouldn’t be hard to get some.

Guide to Get Chainsaw

All credit goes to Dick Chappy-Saliva inspector!

Getting There

First you need to get to the Cave exit, pictured below.

Which can be found at this location on the map (red arrow).

Getting Up

Now the potentially hard part for some, at the end of the cave you just entered you SHOULD find a cliff you have no way of getting up yet, if you dont see that then your at the wrong cave.

Here is the the cliff you should see.

Now with a decent run up you want to aim for this bulbous rock formation and then aim right slightly, and just spam your jump like theres no tomorrow.

If you cant get it just fiddle with the angle, its 100% possible iv done it multiple times, as seen here.

Going Down

From this point on beware of baby mutants.

They do jump attacks and can kill you easily on hard if you fight to many.

Now all is left is to go through the cave and then you should find this hallway with rubble in front and head down the hallway.

Be careful of this corner, there are 3 babies waiting.

Now, in this room (or the projector room) is a vagina monster, be very careful, it hits hard and its pretty tough, if you’ve got a grenade, id advise using it.

Once hes dealt with, head to the back right and through the door into the theater room, ignoring the hallway to the left, unless you want the creepy skin.

And behold, the chainsaw…

Well its not there cause i picked it up but it will be lodged in this mans chest.

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