Sons Of The Forest – Manually Update DLSS for Better Performance and Quality

The DLSS dll file the game ships with is an old version. You can manually update the DLSS file to the newest version to get better performance, improved visuals, less ghosting or less noise.

This guide is only for Nvidia GPUs in the 2000, 3000 and 4000 series.

How to Swap the DLSS Files?

All credit goes to aa!

  • Step 1: First step is downloading the new updated DLSS file which can be located here:

Simply download the latest version available on the website.

I recommend checking here every once in a while as the DLSS file gets updated every few weeks on this website.

  • Step 2: Next I would recommend backing up the original DLSS file the game ships with, just in-case you might need it.

Simply head to the Sons of the Forest file location: “steamapps\common\Sons Of The Forest”

Copy the nvngx_dlss.dll and make a backup of it.

  • Step 3: Last step is replacing the DLSS file itself.

Just drag the new nvngx_dlss.dll from the ZIP file into the game’s directory and confirm you want to replace the existing file.

And that’s it, now just start Sons of the Forest and see if your performance improved.

F.A.Q: Some Questions You Might Have

I did what you told me but I don’t see any difference, why is that?

It could simply be the fact that the game just came out, so it needs a lot of optimization patches. I realized when I started and played the game for the first time that it didn’t run really well, I was stuck at about 70-80 fps, which isn’t horrible but with DLSS it shouldn’t be an issue to have more. So I turned the DLSS setting off and noticed literally no difference. So I updated the file myself as I did with other games and after I restarted the game I noticed the game ran much better.

What happens if the game gets updated?

It’s possible they update the DLSS file or revert it to the old one the game shipped with. In this case I recommend simply checking the version the DLSS file is after an update (simply right click the .dll file and click Properties > Details > File version). Check if the number is the newest DLSS file or if it’s again the old one. If it’s reverted, simply update it yourself.

I see some ghosting?

I noticed some ghosting too and I believe it’s simply the game’s fault. In other games with DLSS I never really have this issue and in Sons of the Forest I only sometimes notice some ghosting for a few seconds but it really doesn’t ruin the experience. Wait for further optimization patches and see if it keeps doing it.

It looks blurry?

Since the game doesn’t ship with DLSS Sharpness option, there is not much to do, only to up the DLSS Preset setting.

What DLSS Preset should I use?

I recommend the lower the resolution you have the lower preset you can use. I’m on a 1440p Ultrawide and I only use Quality no matter what. If you’re on 1440p you could use Balanced or Performance, tho at Performance you lose a lot of Quality, so I mostly recommend Quality or Balanced, see for yourself what you like the most.

Game doesn’t launch / I’m getting an Error

If for some reason you get an error or the game doesn’t launch (shouldn’t really happen tbh), simply replace the DLSS file with the backup you made at the start. If you forgot to make the backup, delete the nvngx_dlss.dll file and verify the game files. It should find the missing file and replace it with the original DLSS file.

Can I use this on AMD cards / 1000 GTX Cards?

No, AMD Cards should use FSR 2.0 (Which the game doesn’t have, so FSR 1). Same goes for GTX users, they can use FSR 2.0 too, but for some reason it isn’t in the game.

If You Don’t See a Difference (FPS or Quality)

It’s possible you might not notice a difference.

This could simply be because the game just doesn’t support DLSS that well yet / DLSS just isn’t implemented well into the game yet. For me I noticed the game’s performance be really good after I start the game and play for about an hour, I simply don’t drop under 90 fps on all maxed out settings. In caves I have about 105-120 FPS and outside 90-105 FPS. Tho after a while I notice the GPU Usage for some reason goes down from 99% as it should be because I’m on high resolution, to simply dropping and being stuck at about 60-72%. So I assume the game isn’t optimized well and just needs patches.

Also going from Ultra Graphics 1440p Ultrawide to Ultra Low Settings 1080p (I was just testing to see the FPS Difference), and noticed about a 10-15 FPS difference. That definitely shouldn’t be the case, I should gain much more fps from that. I just think the game isn’t optimized yet, after all it’s an early access. Give them time to patch and optimize the game.

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