Sons Of The Forest – How to Kelvin!

In this guide, I will be explaing how our buddy Kelvin works!

Kelvin Guide

After you crash on the island, you will find kevin on the ground not too far away from you, he has brain damage and has gone deaf, oh no! Luckily we have a notebook we can use if we look at him and hold E on our keyboard, great! we can now give him basic commands!

Here are the basic commands we can give him!

Follow Me

If you look at him and hold E you will notice one of the first commands you are able to give him is ‘Follow Me’, by pressing D you will write it on your notepad and show it to Kelvin, he will from then on keep following you until either you give him a new command or cannibals come too close and he runs away, dont worry though, if you manage to get rid of the cannibals he will come back to you, no matter how far away you are!


The ‘clear’ command has multiple options, 5, 10 and 20 meters.

By selecting one of these Kelvin will begin clearing the area in a circle the diameter you selected, so if you told him to clear a area of 10 meters he will begin to cut all trees and destroy all bushes in a 10 meter area! once he is done he will come back to you and give you a thumbs up!

Take a Break

The ‘Take a break’ command will do exactly what it says, kelvin will either sit or lie down in the area you gave him the command in, he might also walk around or sit at a campfire. He wont leave the general area you gave him the command in until you give him a new command.


The ‘Stay’ command has 2 options ‘Here’ & ‘Hidden’. The ‘Here’ option will make Kelvin stay standing on the exact spot you gave him the command until told otherwise. The ‘Hidden’ option will make Kelvin crouch and also stay on the exact spot you gave him the command, he will again do so until you give him another command, this command is usefull if there are cannibals nearby and dont want him to get hurt/get spotted easily.

Take Item

The ‘Take item’ command is very straight forward, your character pulls out the inventory bag and you can give Kelvin small items.


Just like the ‘Clear’ command the ‘Build’ command also has multiple options. You can command Kelvin to either start building a fire or a shelter at the exact location you gave him the command at!

The ‘Fire’ option will make Kelvin start making a basic small fire on the exact spot you gave him the command at. The ‘Shelter’ option will make Kelvin pull a tarp from his inventory and grab 1 stick in the nearby area making a very basic 1 stick tarp shelter where you can save and sleep at! Once this shelter has been build you can go back to the ‘Build’ command and choose ‘Clear shelter’, he will grab the tarp and put it back in his inventory and leave the stick on the ground.

When he is eventually done, he will come to you and give you a thumbs up!


The ‘get’ command has the most options of them all! You can tell Kelvin to start gathering one of the following options: sticks, rocks or logs. After that you can tell him where to put them by choosing either ‘Drop here’ which will make him start collecting and dropping items you chose at the exact location you gave him the command at. Or you can choose ‘Bring to me’ which will make Kelvin also start gathering the items you requested and he will bring them to you and drop them in front of you. Kelvin will not stop until there are either no more of the requested item in the area or if told to stop. Note: he wont do anything if there are none of the requested items in the immidiate area.


Remember with all of these that Kelvin will follow your command until he is told otherwise, so make sure to give him breaks every once in a while because otherwise he will eventually get sad and will become less productive. He might also stop whatever he is doing if he detects danger nearby, or if he needs to eat or drink. But once he is done eating, drinking or hiding he will resume whatever he was doing before like normal.

Kelvins Mood & Health

Now that you know the basics, we can start talking about how we should treat our beloved Kelvin and make sure he is always happy and does not become less productive!

How to Keep Kelvin Happy

To keep kelvin happy you dont need to do that much, you just need to make sure that you give him breaks whenever you notice he is taking a lot of breaks from work.

You will know if he is less productive or not when he starts walking more slowely and does not give you animations when giving him commands. He will also become less happy if you hit him frequently or hurt him in anyway.

Kelvins Health

Kelvins health is not very complicated, you will be able to see what health he is at by simply looking at how bloody he is. If cannibals attack and hit Kelvin enough he will need to be revived, make sure you dont take too long doing this because it can result in a mood decline.

Once you have killed all cannibals make sure to give Kelvin a break from whatever he was doing before to give him time to heal. Most of the time he will go and sit somewhere far away to relax, i suggest leaving him alone until he willingly comes running back to you with a smile for another job.

Note: Kelvin can be revived but if you dont revive him and keep hitting him instead he will die permanently, kelvin does not spawn back in at any point, once he is dead he is dead.

All in all Kelvin is not a very difficult man and is pretty easy to keep happy, just remember to give him breaks when you see he is getting tired and make sure to protect him during cannibal attacks.


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