SOULS – Mimic Capture Guide

Basic Guide to Mimic Capture Event

Event Overview

  • Trap the Mimic by using bombs to blow up map tiles.
  • Once a bomb has been used on a tile, the Mimic can no longer jump on that tile.
  • A Mimic is considered trapped when it is unable to access any of the Edge Tiles.
  • An Edge Tile is any tile that touches the border of the map (see blue tiles).
  • You need to trap the Mimic with a limited number of bombs (10).
  • Every time you use a bomb, the Mimic will jump towards the nearest Edge Tile.
  • This is assessed by how many jumps it takes to land on one.
  • When you successfully trap a Mimic, you earn more “Capture Coins” based on how many tiles you have remaining on the board.


(1) Assess the Board

First, identify the 10 outermost tiles that will block the Mimic from jumping to any Edge Tiles, while trying to leave as many tiles on the inside as possible. My choices are shown below in purple.

(2) Prioritize the Edges

Find the shortest route to the Edge Tiles and see how many of them are connected. Generally, if the route is short and there are many Edge Tiles connected, start there.

(3) Respond

The Mimic always jumps to the closest Edge Tile, but sometimes there are several. If you guessed the direction incorrectly, simply switch your focus to the other edge.

Useful Tips

If the Mimic is traveling to a single Edge Tile but will take several more turns to arrive, feel free to work on other parts of the board first. I recommend nearby Edge Tile clusters of two or more.

While moving, the Mimic might drop random items – you will collect these on completion of the board.

You can use bombs on these item drops, but they won’t be rewarded at the end if you do so. Look for choke points that can block off access to Edge Tiles with a single bomb, rather than needing several bombs – you can use these to be economical with your bombs.

Remember, the more tiles you have left when the Mimic is trapped, the better!

I recommend reevaluating your strategy when you have 7 and 4 bombs left.

Sometimes the Mimic’s movement throws you off guard and causes you to place bombs outside the initial 10 you decided – you should reevaluate to ensure you have enough bombs to trap the Mimic.

Mimic Compositions

Purple Mimic

Blue Mimic

Red Mimic

Summary & Exchange Suggestions

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Board Reference for Mimic Capture

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That concludes the guide, hope you found it helpful!

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