SOULS – Helpful Tips for Beginners

Useful Tips and Tricks for Noobs

General Tips

  • You can reset the equipment’s enhancement and all materials will be returned, same as for heroes but it will cost 50 gems.
  • To try not to waste gems, upgrade your 5 highest stars and put others in soul link.
  • To prevent being stuck at a level cap, it is helpful to use some heroes that can be bought from shop. Eg kaion, milia, almond, lulu, void.
  • When getting the selection chest that contains idinia harfa sol kaion almond. It’s best to go with sol almond or kaion. But if you already have one, get that one again to increase their power through fusing.
  • When fusing, DO NOT use epics as food for other epics. Epics are very hard to get and are valuable (even Galan). Below will be an Icon that shows a wildcard for fusing. ONLY use rares there. There will also be a spreadsheet for fusing rares and epics below.
  • If your unsure about the fuse requirements you can still select the hero you wish to fuse and it will show you what heroes you need.
  • Read your heroes stats. Seriously, understanding the game yourself rather than being spoon fed info is more fun for you, and us. Try to only use team help when you are completely unsure and we will be more than happy to help.
  • Breakthrought will strenghten your skills.
  • Speed determines when your heroes attack. So then the higher your speed the earlier you attack.
  • Normal attacks usually land on the closest enemy.
  • The light under an enemy characters feet will show the range of your skill.
  • When you automatically equip better equipment all enhancement will be transfered.
  • You can view the other users combat with replay upon defeat.
  • The monsters of the abyssal cave cannot be stunned or silenced.
  • Strength type heroes are weak to attacks from intelligence type heroes.
  • The monsters of the abyssal cave each drop equipment of different types.
  • Use soul link to switch to heroes with an advantage on the enemy team.
  • When silenced, you cannot use active skills and cannot gain energy.

Light/dark heroes are extremely good early on. But they are hard to fuse up unless you want to spend a bit of money. If you would like to use them in your team, they will only be viable until the lowest star in your hero pool is 2 more than the light/dark hero.

Beginner Tips

  • Rerolling accounts for better starting heroes is NOT worth it. During early game you can use almost every hero and many of the best heroes are available from shops/events so you can get copies early on.
  • NEVER fuse epics with each other. Even copies of less useful heroes should be saved for Ancestral Tomb and Book of Memories. Many heroes also have niche uses or may be buffed in the future.
  • Keep any rare heroes at 5* until you have an epic hero that requires a 6* or 8* hero to fuse. This is because a 6* hero requires two 5* but an 8* hero also requires two 5* so having many 6* rares but no 5* rares will mean you have to wait longer to upgrade your epic heroes.
  • It’s very unlikely we’ll see another rate up event so don’t save summons thinking it will happen. Not summoning for a long period of time, especially early game will really hurt your progress.
  • Make sure to read your and your enemies’ heroes’ skills to understand how to best use and counter different heroes. Try doing this when you’re playing/stuck on stages instead of all at once.
  • Don’t focus on the racial bonus. The HP/ATK buffs are nice to have but using the best heroes to counter the enemy or heroes with good synergy is much more important than having a high racial bonus.

Placement Tips

Some startup tips on placement for beginners:

  • Heroes usually attack the hero in front of them, so use this at your advantage depending on the enemy race and yours.
  • Your hero’s placement can affect it’s active skill, like wich heroes it will hit.
  • Some heroes deal more damage depending on the distance between them and the enemy they are attacking, so make sure to place those heroes in the back row.
  • Some heroes require to be adjacent to others in order for some of their skills to affect your allies, so be sure to put them close to as many heroes as possible.
  • Some abilities hit more than just one cell, they are AoE’s (area of effect). So make sure to spread your heroes whenever fighting a comp containing those heroes.

Early, Mid & Late Game Tips

This is considered the stage from the beginning of the game until you unlock perfect soul link (five level 220 heroes). Most heroes are viable during this stage, so we recommend just using your highest starred epic heroes, summoning often and starting to build meta heroes from shops and events.

Early Game

This is considered the stage from unlocking perfect soul link until you reach 37-5 (the first double wave). This is when you should really start using meta heroes and learning different team synergies and counters to stages. You should also now be saving your summons and buying torches and arena tickets to maximise rewards from events.

Tips: Make sure you check the shop and event guides to make sure you’re building heroes that will help you progress. It’s much more important to build the recommended heroes rather than heroes that you’ve summoned the most.

Mid Game

This is considered the stage from beating 37-5 until you reach 41-5 (the first triple wave). This stage is the first time you’ll have to beat multiple wave stages and will probably also be the point you realise any mistakes you made earlier. Make sure you’re prioritising the right resources and heroes to progress through this stage quickly.

Late Game

This is considered the stage from beating 41-5 until you reach 51-5 (the first quad wave). This stage is where it becomes more important to build other heroes than the standard meta heroes because you need to have three full teams you are able to pass stages with. You’ll also have to start being more creative with your teams so it can take some adjustment.

Tips: Make sure you know the skills of less used heroes (such as ones mentioned in the heroes and team composition guide) as these heroes become much more useful once you get to this stage.


This is considered the stage after beating 51-5. By this point you should have a good understanding of heroes and team compositions and you’ll likely have most of your important heroes maxed out so progression relies very heavily on runes and artifacts past this point.

Perfect Soul Link Tips

The soul link is a fundamental part of SOULS, allowing you to use multiple heroes without levelling them up, meaning you can experiment with many different strategies for beating stages.

How the Soul Link Works:

  • The soul link levels all of your heroes to the lowest level out of your five highest levelled heroes. This allows you to use heroes outside of your main five without having to invest resources into them.
  • The heroes that you should level up are your highest starred non-light/dark heroes. This is because heroes level caps are tied to their stars. Light/dark heroes are harder to fuse so we don’t recommend using them as one of your five main heroes.

How Perfect Soul Link Works:

  • Perfect soul link is how you level your heroes past 220. Instead of having to breakthrough each hero every 20 levels, you level your whole team together and breakthrough every 5 levels. Once you reach this point you no longer have to worry about being level capped by your heroes’ stars.

How to Unlock Perfect Soul Link:

  • To unlock the perfect soul link, you will need five 11* or higher heroes at level 220.
  • For the first breakthrough you’ll need 40,000 (Soul Stones) to level your whole team up to level 225. Only the initial breakthrough is this high, the next breakthrough drops down to 10,000 (Soul Stones) and the cost each breakthrough steadily increases as you level your heroes further.

Recommended Heroes for Perfect Soul Link:

The five heroes that make up your perfect soul link will likely be heroes that have guaranteed copies available (or heroes you get lucky with while summoning). Some of our recommendations are:

  • Carmen: Dealer that can be bought from the beast shop, if you’re building a different hero from the beast shop they can fit in this slot instead.
  • Lilith: Dealer that can be bought from the arena shop, arena coins are the easiest currency to get if you’re buying arena tickets every day, making her reasonably easy to build despite being a dark hero.
  • Lulu: Supporter that can be bought from the sanctum shop, she doesn’t rely on stars too heavily so you can stop building her once she reaches 11*.
  • Richelle: Tank that can be bought from the Honor of Arena exchange.
  • Benzel: Dealer that can be bought from the Honor of Arena and advanced arena exchanges, making him reasonably easy to build despite being a dark hero.
  • Solina: Healer that can be bought from the Cave Hunting and advanced arena exchanges, making her reasonably easy to build despite being a light hero.
  • Sander: Dealer that, despite not being available in any shops or events, can be built reasonably easily because he should be the hero you use your Ancient Soul on.

Sanctum Tips

The Secret Sanctum is one of the most important parts of the game due to it being the main source of runes and engraving materials. Runes and engravings are some of the most important upgrades for your heroes, so you need to make sure to make the most of these resources.

  • If you are about to lose a stage, reset before your final hero dies so you don’t lose all your heroes.
  • If you aren’t able to complete the whole sanctum level, go back to farming the previous level to get more rewards.
  • The exceptions to this are level 4, 6 and 7. You should keep farming these levels even if you aren’t able to complete them because these are the first levels where you can get legendary runes (4), mysterious apples (6) and inner crystal spheres (7).
  • Always pick red runes over heroes, heroes in sanctum have a very low chance of dropping so it’s better to go for the guaranteed legendary rune.
  • Only ever buy the feather of resurrection if it means you’ll be able to reach a legendary rune.
  • Prioritise execution, extra energy, CC resistance and CC on enemies buffs in that order when choosing buffs in sanctum.

Rune Tips

There is a huge difference between a player with good runes and bad runes, using the right runes on the right heroes and not wasting resources can easily progress you multiple chapters. You can’t reset runes and you don’t get the resources used back when dismantling them.

Runes are made up of a main stat, substats and a possible divine stat. The main stat is the stat the rune gives when not upgraded, substats are the stats that you can roll when upgrading your rune, and divine stats are special effects that you have a small chance to roll when rerolling the fifth substat on a red rune.

Rune Crystals are the resource you use for upgrading and rerolling runes. You should try and save Rune Crystals for upgrading runes that are blue and above because you will replace grey and green runes very quickly (exception for the green runes you need for the Prologue event). We also recommend only rerolling stats on purple runes or higher. However, you want to aim to be saving Rune Crystals mainly for upgrading and red runes because these will be the ones you use throughout the rest of the game.

In general you should only be upgrading ATK runes (for dealers, healers and supporters) and HP runes (for tanks). You also want to aim for substats to be the same as the main stat. However, there are some exceptions to this:

  • Lulu: Use an ATK rune with at least +20 speed so she can buff your other heroes before they attack.
  • Sander: Use an ATK rune with ATK or penetration substats (don’t go over 100% penetration).
  • Zagrako: Use a CC resistance rune to avoid CC when fighting Zoltan with at least +6 speed to outspeed Olga.

Divine stats have a very small chance to roll when rerolling the fifth substat of a red rune, this costs one red abyss stone and 150 rune crystals. There are currently six divine stats in the game:

  • Survival Will: When HP is below 30%, ATK and DEF increase by 30%.
  • Potential: At the start of each round, there is a 40% chance to gain 50 Energy.
  • Reincarnation: Upon death, there is a 20% chance to revive at the start of next round with 100% HP.
  • Might of Desperation: When using an active skill, there is a 20% chance to use the skill an additional time.
  • Regeneration of Life: At the start of each round, recover HP by 12% of max HP.
  • Grim Reaper’s Grasp: Increases the damage of DoT attacks by 20%.

Red Abyss Stones are only available from dismantling red runes, making them very rare. Because of this you should only be using them to reroll ATK runes as rolling a divine stat on these will have the biggest benefit. Always give your first MoD or potential to LuLu because either of these divines will give you a huge boost to progression due to the additional buffs and energy feed it allows for. MoD is the best divine stat for LuLu but potential is a close second.

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Artifact Tips

General Artifacts

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Mythic Artifact

Equipment Tips

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Tier List

This tier list shows which heroes do well in the later parts of the game. It doesn’t show which heroes are good for everything in the game. It only looks at how well they do in the last parts of the journey.

The list doesn’t explain why heroes have their ranks. Many heroes on the list are good at specific things. They might not do as well if you use them for other things.

The list doesn’t tell you which heroes to spend resources on. Some heroes need a lot of stars and engravings to be good. Others don’t need as much.

The list also doesn’t show which heroes will be best for your account. How well a hero does for you depends on your runes, artifacts, stars, and engravings.

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Hero Titles

BahzamScythe of Despair
BenzelSteel Wings
LilithWitch of Night
ZagrakoNoble of Hell
ZekeScion of Darkness
LenaGoddess of the Night
NuelLight of Destruction
SolinaAdvisor of Starlight
TarosTitan of Brilliance
UlionBow of Victory
AmandaSoul Slasher
AshFire of Darkness
CarmenWitch of Hundred Poisons
DextorSpear of Destruction
FletaFlower of Death
HarfaKing of Death
RipperClown of Death
VoidTainted Sage
ZenonExecutor of the Abyss
AbalaElder of Millennium
AolomondOwl Saint
BabuSteel Golem
CoCoGuardian Little Fairy
ElaraSun Priestess
FionaQueen of Flower
GalanGuardian of the Truth
LuLuSong of Miracle
SanderGuardian of the Sacred Forest
TaniaJungle Hunter
AruruHoly Spirit Snake
DolucosSage with Three-eyes
JackRuthless Pursuer
KaionCrimson Demon
LagouGuardian of Iron-blood
NaruHeart of the Desert
PaopaoMaster of Qigong
ParuScarlet Dancer
SolRed Flash
AdoraMaster of Dolls
CalixAzure Knight
IdinaQueen of Snow
KenShadow Assassin
KyleBlue Flash
MiliaArrow of Falcon
OdeliaBishop of Light
OlgaSnowfield Knight
RakanMadman of the Battlefield
RichelleKing Lion

Information About CC / Debuff / Buff

CC (Crowd Control)

Usually applies mostly for one round will disable any hero movement and skill. (Note: This effect won’t apply to bosses such as cave boss).

  • Hero: Ulion
    • Shock: Can’t move or skill for one round
  • Hero: Zagrako, Lagou, Odelia, Babu, Aron
    • Stun: Can’t move or skill
  • Hero: Galan
    • Sandstorm: Can’t move or skill for one round
  • Hero: Idina, Olga
    • Freeze: Can’t move or skill for 1 round
  • Hero: Fiona, Navia
    • Sleep: Can’t move or skill max 2 rounds but can be free if received certain damage
  • Hero: Zenon
    • Restraint: Can’t move or skill for 1 turn

Heroes That Can Negates or Remove CC:

  • Olga (CC Resistance up to 100%)
  • Naru (Heals ally under and free them and CC resistance up to 100%)
  • Void (Release CC at the start of each round up to 2 allies at every rounds and CC resistance buff)
  • Odelia (CC Resistance up to 100%)


Usually applies and have certain effect. Usually they can effect more than 1 round and (Note: This effect may be applied to bosses such as cave boss).

  • Hero: Benzel
    • Acid: Applies damage over time and removes any shield for 3 turns (including death immunity shield)
  • Hero: Carmen, Luke
    • Poison: Applies damage over time and for specific hero can prevent an enemy hero to resurrect/revive (please read hero description for more information about resurrect preventation)
  • Hero: Sol
    • Burn: Applies damage over time and gain buff
  • Hero: Ken, Telfer, Asjek
    • Bleed: Applies damage over time and gain buff for certain heroes (please read hero description for more information about bleeding special effect)
  • Hero: Rakan, Harfa, Dolucos’s Engraving, Crut
    • Silence: Hero affected by this debuff still can move but can’t use any active skill or receive any energy (buff, attack/got attacked)
  • Hero: Abala
    • Provoke: Taunt the attacker up to 2 rounds and forced attacker hit the provoker and reduce attacker damage up to 55%
  • Hero: Olga
    • Cold: Apply debuff effect and have a chance to freeze enemy up to 55%

Stats Reduction / Increase Received Debuff Effect:

Reduced enemy stats for specific rounds (please read hero description for more information about reduction stats effect and increase debuff effect).

Hero List:

  • Void (speed)
  • Sander (speed)
  • Bahzam (defense)
  • Taros (damage)
  • Ash (defense, increase damage upon death)
  • Zenon (heal received)
  • Amanda (attack)
  • Tania (crit damage)
  • Rakan (increase damage taken)
  • Calix (defense, increase damage taken
  • Luke (increase damage taken)
  • Declas (attack)
  • Ravi (defense)
  • Bakra (attack)
  • Denver (critical damage)

Heroes That Can Remove Debuff Effect:

  • Solina
  • Sander
  • Richelle
  • Dolucos
  • Aolmond
  • Rakan
  • Nuel
  • Odelia


Its an effect to boost your ally or self and almost every hero has buff. Please read hero description for Buff because some buff needs certain condition to gain the buff. Healing over time (HoT) and any shield (including Death/Damage Immunity) and Resurrection counted as buff. Otherwise, I will provide heroes that can remove Buff and prevent resurrection.

  • Fleta: removes 1 buff per attack
  • Amanda: removes 1 buff per attack
  • Ravi: removes 1 buff per attack
  • Paru: removes 2 buff from active skill
  • Benzel: negates all kind of shield (Including Death Immune Shield)
  • Aruru’s Engraving: negates all kind of shield upon hit
  • Carmen: prevent resurrection
  • Void: prevent resurrection upon killed by Void

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When You Get Stuck

As a general rule for when you get stuck:

  • Try different placements of your heroes, sometimes rearranging will negate some damage/effects of abilities that are stalling or killing your heroes
  • Try different combinations of heroes, even if they aren’t typically your strongest. Sometimes having a whole team of the same typing is enough to push through or swapping a hero in who attacks the back lines/targets the weakest enemy will be able to pick off the annoying heroes hiding behind a wall tank. Soul link is your friend, but pick a couple of colours to focus on linking at the start so that you can fill a full team of the same Color
  • If it looks close but you keep losing, keep trying. Sometimes luck is all you need. A few lucky procs of an ability can turn around around in a flash.

That’s all! I really appreciate it if you’ve made it this far. See you in the game!

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