Soulstone Survivors – Healing Tips

How to Heal

Green Crystals

There are green crystals that spawn on the map, destroying them gives you 30 health back, which can be increased with upgrades.


There is also the Smite skill which heals you when you stand in the AoE area (And can crit heal, which is great), also there is a meta progression upgrade which will heal you when you level up by a certain amount (+2 on level 1, don’t know yet how high it gets).

If you have passives that cause multiple casts, the heal will multiply by # of casts as they are all in the same spot. can lead to some insane healing.

How it works

It just randomly picks a spot, then starts “charging” (can see the targeting circle on the ground start to fill). When its done itll damage enemies and heal you. As for the dangerous spots, either kill fast or take defensive stuff (block is pretty big from what i can tell, although i could have just been avoiding without noticing).


You don’t need to heal that much if you’re doing enough damage. I just finished a run in under 18 minutes and never had to crack a healing crystal once. The healing you get from points in the passive tree is enough, as long as you’re doing enough damage and taking damage reduction.

As far as your options for healing, I see only three:

  • The points in the skill tree.
  • Healing crystals.
  • Smite.

Smite is hard to use because you get so easily knocked away from the AoE, and you end up taking damage rather than healing. So I don’t find it very reliable.

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