Soulstone Survivors – How to Level Up Fast

Want to know the fastest way to increase the level of all of the characters? Read below.

Guide to Level Up Fast


Hand pick curses on each tier:

  • Take any curse(s) that increases +prestige gained % from level I to whatever you have unlocked (except the add towers one, not worth the hassle).
  • And the ones that increase elite spawn rate on every tier it’s available (more elite xp = faster levels = more power).
  • Remove all other curses (they only add bonus crystals.. meh), go forth and win, go back to town, repeat.

Another Way

Just run curses with every Unholy reinforcements (+elites chance), Clone army (more elites per spawn), House of lords and overwhelming corruption (Void hunters) you can get (+230% prestige at curse V, you can also include pillars for extra 30%; also, unholy reinforcements do not increase prestige gained so you can turn it off if you get swarmed by multiple stacks of elites, it just helps level up faster).

Quite a lot of class exp even if you die before finishing.


Get the curses that spawn elite faster and in greater number, this gives +100% prestige (up to curse V) and go for endless cycles. Pick Fateful Strike (as often as you can), one or two fast hitting skills, empower the ♥♥♥ out of em, and rule the game.

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