Soulstone Survivors – DOT Damage Explanatory Guide

How All DOTs Works

  • Each application is unique. Bleeds for example, last 15 seconds, and different applications will not refresh the duration or interact with other applications in any way.
  • They can have different values, you could have a bleed that deals 1000 damage in 15 seconds and be one stack, and a bleed that deals 10 damage with the same amount of stacks.
  • Every time a dot deals damage, all of the instances calculate their crit chances individually. If any of them crits, it will show as a “crit” text. So if you have a bleed that deals 1000/tick, and one that deals 10/tick, you could get a crit that is 1000 + 10 * 2 = 1020, or 1000 * 2 + 10 = 2010.
  • Dots also use your current stats to calculate everything, so if you have a temporary effect like Bloodlust, while its active they will be dealing more damage, when its gone they will resume their normal damage.

Doom is the exception in many ways. When you apply doom, you just add up the damage to whatever damage was already stored in Doom charges. If you apply 10, then 1000, then 500, your doom will deal 1510 when it expires, and check for crit at the time of expiration. Doom is always only 1 stack for that reason, it just keeps pilling up forever.

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