Soulstone Survivors – Brainless Chaoswalker Build Guide

Guide to Brainless Chaoswalker Build


Main Skills

  • Chaotic Missile – The starter skill for the Chaoswalker, low cd, can hit twice.
  • Chromatic Bolt – Counts as 12 skill types for Rune, hits a lot.
  • Chaos Golem – Draws aggro/Tanks.

Pick 3

  • Manifestations of Chaos – Hits a lot.
  • Bloodlust – Cast speed.
  • Might – Damage.
  • Arcane Power – Multi-cast Chance.
  • Or any other Chaos skill you like.


Executioner and Generalist are both very important, the rest you can just pick whatever you feel like.

This one helps with mobility.



  • Any of the options that give you a chance to apply another debuff when applying one.
  • Magnetic – XP and pickup range.
  • All of your attacks have x% chance to apply x on hit – 1 of each then you can banish them.
  • Chaos/Magical Skill Buffs.
  • Multi Cast – Does what it says.
  • Relentless – Cast Frequency.
  • Leviathan – +Damage -Speed, Our mobility is all from dashes anyways.
  • Attack Speed/Damage Increase/Multi Cast – For Chaotic Missile/Chromatic Bolt.


  • Crit chance/Damage
  • Resilient – Armor
  • Indomitable – Block Power
  • Behemoth – HP
  • Unbreakable – Reduces all damage taken by x
  • Expansive – Area modifier


Hold your mouse over what you want to die and dodge stuff.


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