Star Valor – Easy Way to Get the Lacewing

This is a guide from my experience in getting the lacewing.

How to Get the Lacewing

Take note that you will need a few things before you can follow the guide.


So to begin with you will need the Phantom. its a yacht class ship that can be found in a rebel base so make sure you are on friendly terms with the children of terra.

The Build

So once you start I would grind to lvl 15 to make things easy. I would dump most of the points into combat, mostly attack points rather than defence. A way to make the fights even more trivial would be to have a speed of at least 60 so you can outrun the range most of the bosses will have.

For the weapons I went minimalist with all of my weapons being missiles, but with a twist. the default missile is very slow so I made a build to fix that and its very cheap.

  • 1 Small Warhead
  • 2 Speed Modifiers

Just make 3 of them and your all set. I recommend you have most of your storage with missile ammo and the rest with cells for jumping. after that you can take on any boss as long as its a higher lvl. The strongest one I took out with this setup was a lvl 30 boss while I was lvl 16. Hope this helps for anyone whos too lazy to read a several page guide like me. The hardest part about this whole guide is just finding 5 bosses but with good luck you can get the lacewing in around 2 or 3 hours.

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