Victoria 3 – How to Rebind Keys

Guide to Rebind Keys


See if you can find the ‘shortcuts.shortcuts’ file in the Victoria 3\game\gui folder.

It looks like CK3 had the same file. Open the file in a text editor (notepad works if you got nothing else). It should look similar to the below code.

Whatever is between quotation marks is the assigned keys. Replace the default key with what you want to use. Normal letters are just the letters, while more specialised keys have full names. Names like “KP_PLUS” is the + on your keypad/numpad, while just “+” is your other plus key.

Make sure to save a copy of the file outside of the Victoria 3 folders with your new keybindings. Reinstalling the game will reset the file in the game folder, and possibly also game updates.

It is also a good practice to save a backup copy of the file before you start editing it to avoid having to reinstall/repair the game in case anything goes wrong.

Disclaimer: the below shortcuts are the Imperator ones, do not copy it into your Vic 3 file!

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