STAR WARS Jedi: Survivor – How to Make Combat & Exploration Easy Survival Guide

This guide provides tips and techniques for making combat easier. No matter the difficulty level you are playing as cal kestis in Jedi Survivor. The guide covers a variety of topics, including how to deal with groups of enemies, how to use Force powers effectively, and how to take advantage of environmental opportunities in boss battles. The guide also includes recommendations for specific skills and upgrades to help you succeed in combat. Overall, this guide is a comprehensive resource for anyone looking to improve their combat skills in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor.

Guide to Make Combat & Exploration Easy

Take out the enemy with the blaster first when you are fighting with a group

When you’re facing a group of enemies, take out the ones with blasters first. They can do more damage from a distance, so eliminating them quickly will make the rest of the fight easier.

Force pull scout troopers’ shields

Scout troopers’ shields can be tough to get past, but you can use Force pull to grab the shield and throw it back at the enemy. This will give you an opening to attack.

Use Force pull on melee enemies

Force pull is also great for breaking the momentum of melee enemies. Use it to pull them towards you and interrupt their attacks.

Use Force throw on rockets and grenades

Rockets and grenades can be deadly, but you can use Force throw to send them back at the enemy. This is especially useful against tougher enemies like B2 droids or AT-STs.

Use double-sided lightsaber to block and deflect Minigun

The Minigun can be tough to deal with, but if you’re using a double-sided lightsaber, you can simply hold the block button to deflect the shots back at the enemy. There’s even a skill called “Multi-Fold Reflection” that makes this even more effective.

Look for environmental opportunities against Creatures Boss battles

When facing a tough boss like a Rancor or a Dessert Scorpion, look for opportunities in the environment to gain an advantage. For example, you can throw bones at a Rancor to freeze it for a moment, or cut the claws of a Scorpion to break their shield.

Use Training mode from Meditation

Before facing tough enemies, make use of the Training mode from Meditation to practice your combat skills and try out new techniques.

Scan enemies with BD-1

Use BD-1 to scan enemies and later that you can use the Tactical guide to get tips and tricks for fighting them. This will help you plan your approach before engaging in combat.

Get the Focused sight skill

The Focused sight skill is a must-have, as it helps you evade incoming attacks and makes combat much easier.

Get the Shatter Perk

The Shatter Perk is incredibly useful, as it breaks enemy guards and makes combat much easier early on. To unlock it, you’ll need to defeat the Rancor, which is a tough fight. But trust in the Force I know you can do it.

Upgrade your BD-1 Stim Canister

Your BD-1 Stim Canister is your lifeline in combat, so make sure to upgrade it as soon as possible. More health equals better survival!

May the Force be with you!

With these tips in your arsenal and the power of the Force at your fingertips, you’ll be able to take on even the toughest enemies with ease and grace. Embrace your Jedi skills and let your combat prowess shine as you become a force to be reckoned with in the galaxy. Remember, the Force is always with you and with a little practice, you’ll become a true master of combat.

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  1. Another thing is getting comfortable with just holding the block button, I really tried to parry Trilla’s lightsaber throw, but in the end I couldn’t get the timing down so I ended up just holding down the button when she launched that attack, it works less well technically but it costs you nothing in comparison to losing HP. That was on Hard mode, doing a Jedi Master NG+ run now.

    Also experiment with your force abilities, because some of them have uses you never would have expected, like force push being able to send rockets/grenades back at the ATST or Rocket Trooper that shot them.

  2. Another handy trick for the Trilla bossfight is to wait until she starts dodging, then Slow her. Charge up and use one of the dual wielding attacks, hen get the hell outta there. force-filling stims (Power of Friendship) highly recommended for that strat. You can also use Pull/Push to throw her probe droid at her.

  3. As for the combat of the game, it’s more like Shadow of Mordor with different abilities and much less stealth, and the tactic for evading unparryable attacks isn’t vaulting over them before dealing 5 slashes in rapid succession before using a powerful execute / pressing f.

  4. you say the dual wield lightsaber, the actual dual wielding attacks are versatile, you meant the double bladed lightsaber. also, if you press dodge twice while moving away from the target, you will roll away from the target, and subsequently the attack, this is simply more effective against big red attacks.

  5. I beat Trilla on Jedi Master (Hard). The trick is having perfect evade and having parries somewhat in the bag. Evade for me are MUCH easier to land the parrys AND half of her reds you can evade!

    Also, when she calls down her probe droid. When you see the animation, run to the other side of the map, the droid and Trilla won’t move. The Trilla will throw her lightsaber at you and all you have to do is parry it until she gets hit with it. I used this until She was down to a quarter of heath and I still had all three of my stims (No, I never found of even KNEW of the other ones until my second play-through on GM) And no, the droid won’t shoot you.

  6. I’m not sure if its my PC or the game itself but the fighting seems really wonky to me. Like almost every enemy does a 3 chain combo and every time I’ve tried to block any of these hits in the middle it fails. Cal just puts up his lightsaber to block and then just takes the full force of the blow and doesn’t parry. Even when enemy hits just don’t connect its like the game has a path to follow and you can’t break an action in the middle of it happening. I could be wrong but it seems like im only able to parry the first attack. The battle with the 9th sister was particularly frustrating i feel like I spent around 30 minutes constantly dodging and parrying attack to land only very weak attacks. Trying anything even remotely stronger always ended up in me getting countered halfway through and taking heavy damage. I feel like the difficulty itself is widely inconsistent or I haven’t thoroughly grasped the concept

  7. Just beat the game on Jedi Master. The game at this difficulty felt easier than Dark Souls III in most places, though the Ninth and Second sisters were about on-par, to me at least, with fighting the Abyss Watchers and Pontiff Sulyvan on-level, respectively.

    Haven’t tried Grandmaster, but honestly the game is just the right blend of difficulty and satisfaction to me at Master. Some enemies you can still slash through like the Jedi you feel you should be, while Purge Troopers (especially the damned ones with Rifles, those guys are savages) truly feel like Jedi-hunting killing machines. Bosses, especially the inquisitors, are rightfully the most difficult enemies in this game.

    Second Sister was actually a fun fight, some final bosses just make me want to commit sudoku but she really made me use my abilities. I love how if you try to spin-dash her with dual blades, she hard-counters that like a pro and punishes you for trying to fight her with her own lightsaber-style.

  8. Note, this game’s combat system is about overwhelming your opponent’s guard with flowing combos from one saber type to the other and back.

    Even though you don’t unlock that ability as an optional part of the skill tree until roughly 3/4ths of the way though the game. The combat works so much better when you do that and augment it with blocks, parrying, and dodging as appropriate.

    Also, you can time your sidesteps like parries, this isn’t spelled out to you except in the description of a late game skill tree entry. Practice this skill, it is, in most ways, superior to parrying as even parrying has animation lag before you can attack, and timed dodging with the associated skill slows the enemy for a second and opens them up to counter attack immediately.

  9. Just play it on story mode, end of story. On harder just get better at timing your attacks, parry, dodge, rolls. Also make use of pushing or pulling enemies into holes, especially effective if you just drag them into your hand and stab them for insta kill or throw them for insta kill. High level push is very effective at high levels just ending the fight before it even began. And high level pull being useful for single enemies when there are no walls behind them or holes nearby.
    Also very effective when you get your block+attack for dual wield attack, takes half of life away from those frog bastards, or the bounty hunters with a single usage.

    • If you played Dark Souls or Nioh before.Jedi Grand Master difficulty is not that hard to you,If you want just the story play the game on easy or normal

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